Reset Riddim | Produced by KMC

Reset Riddim Produced by Ken Marlon Charles aka KMC. Photo © Reset Riddim/KMC Productions.

Seven artists from which to find your vibe on the recently released 'Reset Riddim' produced by Ken Marlon Charles. Charles, better known as KMC also has a song on the riddim. This riddim has a vibe, and we are confident that you will find your groove.

Some of the names on the vibe may not be familiar but this will be your opportunity to get to know them and their singing abilities. The artists are as follows: Fallon, Vibestar, Swappi, Iwer George, Cassi, Zoung, KMC. The songs are listed below along with the songwriting credits. Maybe, just maybe, you will discover an artist to follow apart from the popular names that include, Swappi, Iwer, and KMC. Please share your thoughts about the riddim and the songs. Were you surprised by any or do you think that they will struggle for radio play?

"Don't Let Go" by the artist known as Fallon is a very interesting song. She has potential, we love her voice/singing style. This one feels really good, a nice mellow feel; we think this singer can go places/have an impact with the right songs/music. "Vibesman" by Vibestar feels like it was a real vibes session that created this song. We wish him well but think the radio jocks may not show this track any love. "Want To Go Party" by Swappi feels good with a nice message after the long lockdown. This will not have the impact previously released Swappi songs had. "I Want It Now" by Iwer is a surprising offering from Neil 'Iwer' George. He just can't stay away from 'water' in his songs. I must say that I like this song, the hook, "I Want It Now" will be popular with fans for sure. "Make Some Space for Me" by Cassie has very simple lyrical content. I am not sure this one will get much traction with the DJs. "Freedom Again" by Zoung captures the pent-up frustrations that need to be released after the lockdown. This song has is a good idea and is one of the better-written songs on the album. Not bad at all. "I Ain't Come For That" is a message for all those who just love to spoil a good thing. KMC wants all negative vibe out of the party because "I ain't come for that". I get this song and hope that the hook takes hold.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Vibe: Reset Riddim
Produced by: KMC (Ken Marlon Charles)
Mixed & Mastered by: Oshey Murr at Xia Studios
Label: Xia Records

Songs/Performed by: 
Artistes - Fallon, Vibestar, Swappi, Iwer George, Cassi, Zoung, KMC
  • Don't Let Go - Fallon; Written by: Jevonne Harper
  • Vibesman - Vibestar; Written by: Myron Clark
  • Want To Go Party - Swappi; Written by Marvin "Swappi" Davis
  • I Want It Now - Iwer George; Written by: KMC &  Neil "Iwer"  George
  • Make Some Space for Me - Cassie; Written by: Cassiano Sylvester
  • Freedom Again - Zoung; Written by: Haili
  • I Ain't Come For That - KMC; Written by: Ken Marlon Charles
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