Pure Soca Love or a Petrie Dish for Covid-19

If you had to caption this you may have said that this is an amazing sight to behold. Is that Machel Montano captivating the people once again? No, no, no, that this Voice! Wow, now that is epic love, Soca love, Carnival, and whatever superlative you want to throw at it... go ahead and enjoy the moment. Voice is a deserving artiste and yes, he deserves the praise, the adoration, and the huge crowd but there is a grandiose problem happening here. Can you foresee what comes next?

Now come back down to earth and drop all the accolades and epic praise for both Voice and those who wanted to experience Carnival feting once again. I am not the grim reaper but someone has to state the obvious. Sigh, we are still in a damn Pandemic people! Look how close together the people are, look how large that crowd is... in ten days some unfortunate ones, especially those who are unvaccinated and have come into contact with covid carriers will get sick! The Delta variant is rampant in Florida! If you were there if you partied hard and get up one morning (the next few days) feeling sick go and get tested immediately. Your life may depend on it! 

How ironic it is that the song they were celebrating is entitled 'Cheers to life'! On Facebook people have a habit of sending me daily prayers. However, for today's episode of living and this life we will post some of the lyrics for 'Cheers to Life'. 

The song said:

From you wake up this morning

You's ah winner

Yeah Yeah

Yea yeah yeah yeah

Watch how jah jah

Gih we love and life na

Everywhere is vibes na


I say watch how jah jah

Bring women so nice na

What more could I ask for

Besides ah women in front

Who could go down and wuk up

She waist and get on

And wine till she body cyah wine up no more

Cause life is short and tomorrow not sure

So I live like is my last


Drink in we hand now

Jump up and wave is de plan now

Just love and gyal we demand now


Enough said, it is a sad statement to make here but the clock is ticking (not in a positive way) for many of the people who went there just to have a good time for one last wine. There will be sickness and suffering or finality for some!

Please press the music player button below to listen now (small triangle in the Music player/TV Frame).

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