Miami Carnival 2021 Soca Music Mixes

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Miami Carnival is here, it is real and happening this weekend. If you plan to attend, or if you just love listening to the very best Soca music then we have two mixes that will get you in the right frame of mind for the upcoming festivities. Miami Carnival always features the very latest Soca music releases for upcoming carnivals the following year. So get ready to hear some of the latest songs going or not... you will appreciate the mixes presented here from DJ Private Ryan and DJ Jel. 

You get two for one; Bienvenido A Miami by DJ Private Ryan and Miami Charge by DJ Jel. You have a lot of listening to do here so let's get to it. Now don't forget to leave comments for the mix-masters showing your appreciation for the work done. Enjoy. 
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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Miami Carnival 2021 Mix Tapes
DJ Private Ryan
DJ Jel

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