Down Memory Lane | Super Blue Bacchanal Time Interview

Recently we started a series of posts entitled, 'In Search of Soca'. Our goal is to locate  Soca songs and mixes that may have not been heard for decades or simply don't get any radio airplay. Today we are starting another series of posts entitled, 'Down Memory Lane'. Our goal is to provide past interviews, songs, and video presentations that were aired on television 'back in the day' in Trinidad. Yes, TTT programming, interviews, and some early YouTube video presentations. 

Today we Start with Mr. Austin Lyons and the 'Bacchanal Time' interview. He started off as Blue Boy then became the beloved Super Blue. In this interview, Super Blue proclaimed that "Soca will go International"! Look at what is happening today, he and those before him, paved the trail, and today Machel Montano, Voice, Patrice, KES the Band and so many more are earning a living touring the World and spreading Soca music love. 

There are two video presentations for this post. The first is the actual interview followed by a performance of 'Bacchanal Time' at the 1993 Calypso Fiesta Semi-Finals in San Fernando, Trinidad. The video shows the impact he had on the people (it was a frenetic pace) with his infectious musical performances.  The second YouTube player now has additional videos/songs from Super Blue. We think you will appreciate the update for this second YouTube player.

Today's Soca artists can't seem to recapture the enthusiasm and command of the audience in a similar manner. Machel has come close but just look at the video and recall if today's artists come close to this type of performance. He was amazing for that period... no one like him! Here are some of his achievements:

Austin Lyons aka SUPER BLUE ROAD MARCH Titles:

  1. 1980 – Soca Baptist
  2. 1981 – Ethel
  3. 1983 – Rebecca
  4. 1991 – Get Something & Wave
  5. 1992 – Jab Jab
  6. 1993 – Bacchanal Time
  7. 1995 – Signal To Lara
  8. 2000 – Pump Up
  9. 2013 – Fantastic Friday

  1. 1991 – Get Something & Wave
  2. 1992 – Jab Jab
  3. 1993 – Bacchanal Time
  4. 1995 – Signal To Lara
  5. 2000 – Pump Up
  6. 2013 – Fantastic Friday

Thank you Austin Lyons aka 'Blue Boy' aka 'Super Blue'. This legendary superstar of Soca ushered in the Flag-waving phenomenon of Soca and today the Soca music industry is better because of the great Super Blue.

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