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"D Right To Play" by Xhaiden Darius | Happy Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago

The twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago will be celebrating 59 years of Independence on August 31st. So much has happened in those 59 years; we went through the years of "money eh no problem" to where we are now when money (foreign exchange) is a problem. We saw the decline of Calypso and its rebirth as Soca but the original artform still survives to this day. However, the Calypsonians of this period can't seem to find the magic formula to demand airplay in parties and fetes. No one seems to want to embrace the dance-calypso style and instead continue with slow-paced political and social commentary songs. These may be good for Skinner Park and the big stage in the Queens Park Savannah but it does nothing to find airplay on radio and at a party. So where do we go from here?

We now have to look to the future! Is there another talent like Machel Montano out there? Yes, the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago is rich with Soca singing talent but the Calypso artform remains on the back burner. So let's get back to the Independence day celebrations and a look at the future talent in the Calypso arena. After all, it all starts with the youth, right! We could have guided you to our feature music post: 58 Years of Independence Calypso Classics (well we just did) but instead we want to focus on a young man from the La Brea area. We saw his performance on Facebook and immediately thought about a feature post on Sokah2Soca. We want to widen the audience and appreciation for this young talent. We are talking about Xhaiden Darius. The future for Calypso lives on with the youth and yes, D'Music Safe and Sound with this young man. 

As part of the La Brea Agenda, TheVoiceOfLabrea (talent show/competition) was blessed to feature this young talent. In the 12 and under category Xhaiden excelled in the preliminary and semi-final stages of the show. He sang an original song entitled, "D Right To Play". This young man, this young talent put a smile on my face as well as the many faces watching the video presentation. We are confident that his stage demeanor and raw talent will win over many fans in the years to come. The finals will take place on Thursday, September 12, 2021. Here is how he got to the finals... Happy Independence Trinidad & Tobago. 

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The preliminary round of competition:

The following are the results of the preliminary round of the "VoiceOfLaBrea" competition, 12 & Under Category. Note that seven out of the nine contestants will be advancing to the Semis : 

The top three contestants in alphabetical order are : 

  • Khelise Giles 
  • Kiffvona Mollineaux 
  • Xhaiden Darius 

The next four qualifiers in alphabetical order are : 

  • Aiden Felix 
  • Aliyha Williams 
  • Arielle Clarke 
  • David Williams 

The Semifinal round of Competition:

The following are the results of the Semi-Final Round of the #TheVoiceOfLaBrea competition

12 & Under Category: 

Note five out of the seven contestants that took part in the Semi-Final Rd advanced to the Grand Finals. 

The top three contestants in alphabetical order are : 

  • David Williams 
  • Khelise Giles 
  • Xhaiden Darius 

The next 2 qualifiers in alphabetical order are : 

  • Arielle Clarke
  • Kiffvona Mollineaux 

Congratulations to Xhaiden Darius on being the TOP qualifier for the Twelve &  Under Category, Please note that the Grand Finals will take place on Thursday 2nd September.

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