Saccharine Riddim | Mastermind Productions Summer 2020

New music alert! Today we present the newly released Soca album entitled "Saccharine Riddim", minted by Mastermind Productions. There is no fanfare with this music production but. at the same time, it feels really good. This is a nice old school feels vibe delivered with solid vocal performances and refreshing lyrical content. We like what we are hearing and, to be honest, the vibe lives up to its name, pure sweetness, just Saccharine!
Every year, as the month of August, comes to a close and Labor Day approaches, new music for upcoming carnivals begin to trickle for those who live for Soca music. At this time, Trinidad and Tobago artistes along with their production teams begin to give us a taste of what is to come.

This music release fits the bill and ushers in a rebirth of music we lamented has passed a season ago but welcoming the rebirth of what is to come.  However, let's pause for a moment, because of the weight that brought carnivals across the Caribbean basin to its collected knees. Covid-19 is looming large and may yet curtain carnivals in 2021. The only hope is for a vaccine otherwise there will be another year of virtual fetes and creative carnival gatherings. We can only hope for the best.

As we ponder the future we can look forward to better times while celebrating our small successes. Today we can celebrate the fact that Mastermind Productions gave us a feel-good Riddim with artistes we love to hear from. Lyrikal, Brooklyn's own along with Nadia, Mistah Shak, and the sweet voice out of Saint Lucia and boom... Carnival is alive, the music is sweet and we can forget about our miserable life, our sinful racist ways we allowed the politicians to squeeze out in Trinidad and wine for a moment. Our shameful behavior, we cast aside, and celebrate good times as one people, one Caribbean nation looking forward to carnivals as we know they can be... good times are coming and these four songs are an excellent start!

We love the vibe, celebrate the lyrical content, applaud the vocal performances, and hope that you will share this post with your peers. Spread the word, Soca is back!

We encourage you to support the artistes and the production team. We want you to spread the word about the songs; please use the comment feature of this post to share your thoughts about the songs with your peers. Keep in mind that fair use of social media is an excellent method for promotional purposes.  Take a few minutes and comment on the songs/music production... the artistes and production team will appreciate your feedback.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
All songs mixed and mastered: Shawn Noel
Executive Producer Shawn Noel and Natasha Andrews for Mastamind Productions
Graphics created by Mali Walcott Graphics

Lyrikal x Mastamind Productions  - Drop That
Lyrics are written by: Devon Martin
Music composed and produced by:  Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Teddyson John x Mastamind Productions  - The Woman
Lyrics are written by: Devon Martin and Teddyson John
Music composed and produced by:  Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Nadia Batson x Mastamind Productions  - Hide It
Lyrics are written by: Nadia Batson and Erikkson George
Music composed and produced by:  Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Mistah Shak x Mastamind Productions  - Chocolate Goddess
Lyrics are written by: Selvon Noel
Music composed and produced by:  Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We don't own the rights to this music: and, it is presented here for promotional use only. We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotional purposes should be treated as such and not shared!
♫Please press the music player button below to listen now (small triangle in the Music player/TV Frame).
1. Mistah Shak - Chocolate Goddess  2. Nadia Batson - Hide It  3. Teddyson John The Woman  
4. Lyrikal - Drop That 

Listen to the full track here: all four songs full length! 1. Lyrikal - Drop That  2. Teddyson John - The Woman  3. Nadia Batson - Hide It  4. Mistah Shak - Chocolate Goddess

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