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Poser vs 5Star Akil today on WACK Radio 90.1 FM was a good example of how much the music has changed/evolved moving from Calypso to Soca.

The two singers, a young Soca artiste and the other, a Calypso Ballard star sang "tune-for-tune". The show was moderated by the CEO of WACK Radio Mr. Kenny Phillips. The musical styles on display were generations apart but both artistes showed respect for the craft.

Clearly, the style and ease of performance were on the side of Poser. He never looked intimidated by the young Soca star and delivered some excellent songs with his easy singing style. Poser exposed two things as I watched the performances. Today's calypsonians are the cause of the demise of the calypso art form. There was substance to the lyrical content in the songs Poser delivered. Every song was delivered with a style that was easy to listen with musical accompaniment that just felt right. Poser told stories and delivered each song making the listener pay attention. Calypso from 'back in the day' is so much better than what is delivered today. Maybe today's Calypsonians should reflect and try Poser's formula... was and still is excellent.

5Star Akil hid behind his sunglasses but became confident as the show progressed. He slowed down the pace and was able to catch his breath and deliver his offerings with confidence that had the CEO of WACK showering praising to the young star. Clearly, 5Star Akil, delivering current songs, became the favorite for the evening. However, there is no denial of the talent and fame of Poser. He has some excellent music and his Calypso style is sorely missed. Some of Poser's faster-paced songs are sweeter than a lot of today's music in both Soca and Calypso worlds.

Battle of the artistes hosted by Kenny Phillips with Dj Aaron worked today. The show will be on YouTube for your continued listening pleasure. Please go to FundmeTnT to donate for the show's continued success. A note to KP... you need to get the artistes like Poser and others in shape to keep up with young people like 5Star Akil!

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