Desperadoes Win Panorama 2020 | Trinidad & Tobago

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Despearadoes, Nailah, Zanda and some very talented pannists pulled off a four point victory over last year's winner Renegades. The "Big Yard" was ablaze with music excellence and a very appreciative pan loving audience. One band was favored by the panel of judges and, in the end, Desperadoes emerged as the New Large Conventional Bands Panorama Champions for Carnival 2020 in Trinidad and Tobago!

Soca now dominates West Indian style carnivals around the World and it was fitting that "More Sokah" was the song of choice to take the title this year. Nailah saw it coming and enthused the audience dancing to the sweet sounds of Desperadoes on stage. It was long in coming but will be counted as sweet number twelve championship. 

Sokah2Soca congratulates the new champions and celebrate a victory for the steel band movement in Trinidad and Tobago. To be honest, picking a winner last night was not easy. The top three bands could have have tied for first place! Duvonne and Renegades were fantastic and All Stars did not let down their fans. However, in the end, the judges decisions are final! Every year there are chants of  "They cheat, they cheat, we want to see the score sheet", but the defeated need to lick their 'wounds' and think about next year!

After all is said and done we need to look to the futures. The nation needs to come together and demand  partnerships between government, big business and Pan Trinbago for a standard home design and land for all major steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago... keep moving our culture forward!

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Here are the results:
Name of  Band/Arranger
 1. Desperadoes - Carlton "Zanda" Alexander
 2. BPTT Renegades (tie) - Duvonne Stewart
 2. Trinidad All Stars (tie) - Leon Edwards
 4. Phase II - Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
 5. Invaders - Arddinn Herbert
 6. Skiffle - Brooks, Williams & Franklin
 7. Exodus (tie) - Terrance "BJ" Marcelle
 7. Supernovas (tie) - Amritt Samaroo
 9. Tropical Angel Harps - Clarence Morris
10. Redemption Sound Setters - Michael Toby
11. Fonclaire - Darren Sheppard
Name of Song/Singer
More Sokah - Nailah Blackman
More Sokah - Nailah Blackman
Wrong Again - Skinny Banton
Vision - Olatunji Yearwood
Feeling It - Swappi x UR
Wrong Again - Skinny Banton
Dear Promoter - Voice x Kes
Dear Promoter - Voice x Kes
More Sokah - Nailah Blackman
Wrong Again - Skinny Banton
Heart Ah Love - Darren Sheppard
This is a single YouTube video presentation of the winning performance broadcasted by WACK Television San Fernando, Trinidad.

Courtesy TTT WATCH: National Panorama Large Bands Finals – LIVE (recorded) from the Queen’s Park Savannah! The video presentation is almost Five (5) hours long... sit back and enjoy...

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