Panorama 2020 Trinidad | Small Conventional Bands Semi-Finals

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It is that time again, Panorama 2020 in Trinidad and Tobago. The stage is set for the small conventional bands to compete for a place in the finals of this years edition of the panorama champions classic. The semi-final competition is scheduled to take place tomorrow (January 11th. 2020) at Victoria Square , Park Street in Port-of-Spain. 

The competition taking place tomorrow will feature thirty one bands vying for fourteen spots in the finals scheduled to take place one week later at the Queens Park Savannah in Port of Spain. This venue is better known as "The Big Yard". 

Check this site for links to the competition via audio/video. We will provide links to the audio/video if and when they become available. We have also included a "YouTube Player" to this post with all of the songs selected by the bands. Please note that many of the bands will be playing V'hn's "Trouble In The Morning", we have listed the song one time only! Use the player to get familiar with the songs... you won't be left wondering about the songs... please share this post with your social media peers. 

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Name of Steelband
  1. Perfect Cadence
  2. Motown
  3. Our Boys
  4. Genesis Pan Groove
  5. Northolus
  6. L H Pan Groove
  7. Swavic
  8. Simple Song
  9. Alpha Pan Pioneers
  10. C&B Crown Cordaans
  11. Tamana Pioneers
  12. Merrytones
  13. Nu Stars
  14. Hilltoppers Pan Academy
  15. Kalomo Kings
  16. Tokyo
  17. Uptown Fascinators
  18. Tobago Pan-Thers
  19. Golden Hands
  20. Arima Golden Symphony
  21. West Side Symphony
  22. West Stars
  23. T&T Defence Force
  24. Plymouth/Bethesda S. Sensation
  25. St. Margarets Super Stars
  26. Panosonic Connection
  27. Highlanders
  28. T&Tec New E Side Dimens
  29. Havard Harps
  30. RoadBlock
  31. Fascinators Pan Symphony
Song Selection
  1. Pan By Storm
  2. Trouble In The Morning
  3. Top Striker
  4. Doh Back Back
  5. Jane
  6. Trouble In The Morning
  7. Trouble In The Morning
  8. Trouble In The Morning
  9. Trouble In The Morning
  10. Thunder
  11. Woman On The Bass
  12. This Melody Sweet
  13. Trouble In The Morning
  14. Far From Finish
  15. Gyal Owner
  16. Nobody Go Run Me
  17. I Don't Mind
  18. Trouble In The Morning
  19. Oil And Music
  20. Madness
  21. Smile
  22. Music In We Blood
  23. Boots
  24. Let Us Build A Nation
  25. Trouble In The Morning
  26. Party Start
  27. Surrender
  28. Savannah Grass
  29. Mystery Band
  30. Savannah Grass
  31. Trouble In The Morning
  1. Mark Hosten
  2. Richard Gittens
  3. Anslem Campbell
  4. Arddin Herbert
  5. Arthur Peters
  6. Kwesi Paul
  7. Dionne Kerr
  8. Kendall Bowen
  9. Julien & Marfan
  10. Koreece Graham
  11. Michael Antoine
  12. Jamal Gibbs
  13. Irwin Louis
  14. Akil Browne
  15. Jason Farrell
  16. Richard Jerry
  17. Ojay Richards
  18. Michael Tobey
  19. Vanessa Headley
  20. Terrance Marcelle
  21. Mickiel Gabriel
  22. Kevon Duncan
  23. Duvone Stewart
  24. Augustus Melville
  25. Sheldon Peters
  26. Junior Hinds
  27. Kareem Brown
  28. Kersah Ramsey
  29. Liam Teague
  30. Dejean Cain
  31. Yohan Popwell
All The Songs That Will Be Played Tomorrow

The Finalists:
The results are in! Check out our post revealing the 14 bands that made it to the finals here:

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