Panorama Finals Medium & Large Bands 2019 | Trinidad

The Queen's Park Savannah comes alive tonight with the finals of the Medium and Large Bands Panorama competition. There will be ten bands playing in each category to be be crowned champion steel band for each category.  

The Panorama can be viewed free of charge via the TTT (Trinidad and Tobago Television) online feed and from a Pay-Per-View HD quality feed from WACK Radio/TV. The cost of the PPV feed is US $20.00.

We highly recommend that you use the WACK Radio/TV PPV feed for this competition. The feed from TTT is very low quality with very poor audio. The link to pay for the feed is as follows:  

Please be aware that your link to connect to the feed may end up in your email spam folder! Click on the link to connect to the feed.

Medium Bands Order of Appearance
Name of Band 
01. Petrotrin Katzenjammers
02. Curepe Scherzando
03. NLCB Valley Harps
04. Pan Elders
05. Pamberi
06. Melodians
07. Sangre Grande Cordettes
08. NGC Couva Joylanders
09. NGC Steel Xplosion
10. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille
Name of Song
Yuh Lookin For Horn
Music (Dingolay)
The Will
Gyal Owner
Hookin Meh
Professor Say
Fire In The Area
Sing In She Party
The Phung-Uh Nung Sweet
Large Bands Order of Appearance
Name of Band
01. Desperadoes
02. Nutrien Silver Stars
03. bpTT Renegades
04. Shell Invaders
05. HADCO Phase II Pan Groove
06. Massy Trinidad All Stars
07. Republic Bank Exodus
08. Caribbean Airlines Skiffle
09. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps
10. First Citizens Supernovas
Name of Song
Iron Love
Rag Storm
Hookin Meh
Hookin Meh
The Party Start (Doi Doi)
So Long
Savannah Grass
So Long
Rag Storm
Hookin Meh
Free TTT (Trinidad and Tobago Television) Feed/Refresh the page if your video feed ends!

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