International Soca Monarch Results 2019 | T'dad & Tobago

Soca Monarch fever took hold of Trinidad and Tobago as well as Grenada and Saint Lucia. Singers from these territories competed to be crowned champion singer for the Groovy and Power Soca categories. In previous posts we predicted that both Blaxx and Teddyson John could win the competition but could crash and burn if they did not protect their voices.

As predicted they did not come with their "A Game"... their voices were gone! They did not preserve their voices for the show... performing in fetes leading up to the competition. Our pick to win, V'ghn,  did not disappoint while Ricardo Drue surprised those in attendance with an excellent performance.

The words above don't mean a thing because the judges have the final say and when the results were read the people were disappointed while others were jubilant. Yes my friends, that is just the way it goes, some will be happy and others ecstatic. So let's talk about it....

The Results
The judges decisions are final, of course they are, but we can agree to disagree when it comes to the decisions made for this Groovy Soca finals. I selected V'ghn to win, so when the results were announced I was not happy with the announced results.

I needed to listen to the performances again and after listening to the performances this "bush judge" is convinced that V'ghn was the better artiste last night. Let me repeat, I am convinced that V'ghn was better than Swappi and Teddyson John after listening to the performances again. V'ghn was controlled and his voice sweet and that was not the case for those who placed first and second.

Teddyson John's voice was not his best... it was strained and one could hear it as he struggled to bring out the sweetness that we are accustomed to hearing from him. Swappi, in my opinion, a little winded bordering on shouting was not better than V'ghn!  So I will say it loud and clear, an injustice was done to V'ghn last night... as far as we are concerned, he won the Groovy Soca Monarch title! C'est La Vie.

The results for the Groovy Soca Category are as follows:
Name of Singer
  1. Swappi
  2. Teddyson John
  3. V'ghn
Name of Song
  1. Party Start
  2. Vent
  3. Trouble In The Morning
The judges, like it or not, had no choice but to crown Mr. Killa Power Soca Monarch. He was the clear favorite and winner last night. I would have placed Mandella in front of  Neil "Iwer" George last night. It should have been, Mr. Killa, Mandella followed by Iwer. 

The results for the Power Soca Category are as follows:
Name of Singer
  1. Mr. Killa
  2. Neil "Iwer" George
  3. Mr. Legz
Name of Song
  1. Run Wid It
  2. Blessings
  3. Wining Challenge

This is what it looked like in the crowd/madness!

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