Results for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival | 2019

Another Carnival season has concluded and today we present some of the results for competitions  held during carnival 2019. This was a fantastic year for music... some of the best Soca songs were released this year. It was also the year that Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival felt like a true Caribbean carnival with so many singers from other islands releasing music for Trinidad and Tobago.

The ISM Power Soca Monarch was won by a Grenadian while the Road March winning song was the brain child of SVG native Skinny Fabulous with the production coming out of Dominica from Dada Music.

The carnival was spectacular with colorful costumes bathing in brilliant sunshine. Lord Kitchener's song, "The Carnival Is Over" takes hold today, Ash Wednesday... all good things come to an end! The one hope we have is that the radio stations don't invoke the Soca-Switch... please keep pumping Calypso and Soca!

This post presents some of the results. We will update the post as we gather more of the results. So keep check the post and please share it on all Social Media platforms.

Chutney Soca Monarch Results
  1. Nishard Mayrhoo & Neval Chatelal
  2. Imran Beharry aka GI
  3. Veekash Sahadeo
Calypso Monarch Results
  1. Ronaldo London - Man's Imagination
  2. Karene Asche - Loco & Broko
  3. Helon Francis - What Coming Next
Extempo Calypso Results
  1. Brian London
  2. Phillip Murray aka Black Sage
Junior Extempo Calypso Results 
  1. Kishon Phillip
National Junior Calypso Monarch 
  1. Rivaldo London
National Young King Calypso Monarch
  1. Ronaldo London
National Calypso Queen
  1. Natasha Nurse aka Sexy Suzie - De Wrong Name
  2. Sonia Francis aka Singing Sonia - Shadow's Message
  3. Allison Bernard aka Warrier Emprss - The You In You
    International Soca Monarch | Power Soca Monarch Results
    1. Hollis Mapp aka Mr. Killa - Run Wid It
    2. Neil "Iwer" George - Blessings
    3. Mr. Legz - Wining Challenge
    International Soca Monarch | Groovy Soca Monarch Results
    1. Marvin Davis aka Swappi - Party Start
    2. Teddyson John - Vent
    3. Trouble In The Morning
    Junior Panorama Results
    1. Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra - Madness
    2. Trinidad All Stars Youth Orhestra - Madness
    3. bpTT Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra - Iron Love
    Secondary Schools Panorama Results
    1. Naparima Girls' High School & Naparima College - No Weapon
    2. El Dorado East Secondary - Iron Love
    3. Bishop Anstey High School - Iron Love
    Primary Schools Panorama Results
    1. Guaico Presbyterian Primary School - Iron Love
    2. St. Mary's Gov't Primary School - Hookin Meh/St. Margarets Boys Anglican School - Hulk (TIE)
    Panorama Single Pan Band Results
    1. San Juan East Side Symphony - Iron Man
    2. Shades In Steel - Both Ah Dem
    3. T&T Fire Services - Mystery Band
    Small Conventional Steel Bands Results
    1. T&T Defence Force - Maxi Dub/Arranged by Duvone Stewart
    2. T&Tec New East Side Dimension - Hello
    3. Golden Hands - High
    Medium Conventional Steel Bands Results
    1. Pan Elders - The Will/Arranged by Duvone Stewart
    2. Petrotrin Katzenjammers - Stranger
    3. NGC Couva Joylanders - Fire In The Arena
    Large Conventional Steel Bands Results
    1. bpTT Renegades - Hookin Meh/Arranged by Duvone Stewart
    2. Desperadoes - Iron Love
    3. Massy Trinidad All Stars - So Long
    King of Carnival
    1. Joseph Lewis - Ghelgath - The Demon Lord of Ice
    2. Tekel Sylvan - A Peacock Becomes The Windows Of The Universe
    3. Ted Eustace - What Lurks In The Night
    Junior King of Carnival (Non School)
    1. Nikolai Jagdeo - Celebration of the Pan
    2. Justin Ramkalawan -King Fireman - Fancy Sailor
    3. Samuel Jackson - Le Grande Pierrot-Commendia Dell Arte
    Junior King of Carnival (School)
    1. Keoni Henry - Ahearn The Rainbow Maker
    2. Peter Barrow - Migh of Rome
    3. Triston Cojstantine - Devil King In De Bamboo
    Queen of Carnival
    1. Shynel Brizan - Mariella, Shadow Of Consciousness
    2. Roxanne Omalo - Solar Goddess Of The Sky
    3. Savitri Holassie - Night Of The Chameleon Queen
    Junior Queen of Carnival (Non Schools)
    1. Jermiah Walters - The Beauty of Our National Bird -The Scarlit Ibis
    2. Angel Williams - Jewel To A King
    3. Takeyah Fletcher - Nature's Plan
    Junior Queen of Carnival (Schools)
    1. Shayera Olivierre - Limbo
    2. Sanaa Fraser - Moonlight Pantasea
    3. Whitney Bonaparte - Danse Madame Danse
    National Stick Fight Competition Results
    King of the Rock
    1. Roger Sambury aka "Dog"
    Champion Gayelle
    1. Princess Town Gayelle
    National Road March Results 
    1. Famalay - 346 Plays - Machel Montano, Ian Alvarez (Bunji Garlin) & Gamal Doyle (Skinny Fabulous) 
    2. Savannah Grass - 207 Plays - Kes (Kees Dieffenthaller)
    The Road March Competition left many wondering about the rules for this competition. Famalay won because it was the song most played at the designated judging points. The results this year exposed a problem that should not have happened in the first place. Savannah Grass was the song played the most 'On The Road'! The Road March title should go to the most popular song played "on the road" nut at judging points. This needs to be addressed; we can't allow this to happen again!

    Parade of the Bands | Mini Bands
    1. Moko Somokow - Palace of the Peacock
    Parade of the Bands | Small Bands Results
    1. Tribal Connection Cultural Promotions - The Great Gathering
    Parade of the Bands | Medium Bands Results
    1. K2K Alliance and Partners - Through Stained Glass Windows
    2. Mas Passion - Hidden Kingdom, Tribal Expressions
    3. Just We And Friend - Imagine 
    Parade of the Bands | Large Bands Results
    1. The Lost Tribe - Taj
    2. Ronnie and Caro - Let's Go  Tobago
    3. Paparazzi Carnival - La Belle Epoc (Tied)/3.Showtime Carnival - Mohawks Mohawaks (Tied) 
    4. Trinidad All Stars - Fleets In, Island of the Caribbean (Fifth Place)

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