National Extempo Preliminary & Semi-Finals | Trinidad 2019

Improvisation, a little mischievousness, mockery, sarcasm and stinging lyrical content and you are in the middle of an Extempo War or Words! Oh hell yes, we love it like that! Extempo, a unique art in its own right, may be boring to some but not for those who appreciate history, art, talent and good Trini-Picong. Tonight, the National Extempo Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds of competition took place bringing the talent of the nation front and center via WACK Radio 90.1 FM.

Tonight, at Kaiso House Tent, the Extempo Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds of competition took place. The topic selections (picked on the spot out of  a box) caught some of  the contestants 'off-guard' (they did not do their home work) leading to some poor performances.   We had a singer buss on stage, one misled by the MC on stage and quite a few disappointing performances. But hold on, there were two uptempo segments with some Soca infused into an old classic style of Calypso. Good enough for the preliminary and semi-finals but this is just the prelude to the finals and for that competition, we expect fireworks!

The music provided tonight was good. We had some surprising guitar playing and a keyboard that added a modern feel to an old and classic musical style.

Sixteen contestants performed in the preliminary round of competition followed by a pairing of the contestants for the second round (Semi Finals). Four singers were eliminated and the final 12 competed in pairs (6 pairs going one on one) from which seven singers were selected for the finals to face Myron B in the finals.

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First Round: Sobriquet/Singer and Topic
Name of Singer
Dr. Sedley Hazel George
Leslie-Ann Bristo
Hesekiah Joseph
Shradah McIntyre
Wendell Goodridge
Phillip Murray
Winston Peters
Elysia Ray
Rohan Richards
Jumaane Kunle Cox
Joseph Vautor-Laplacileer
Mark John
David Mycou
Gerrard Johnson
Kevon Caliste
Brian London
Dr Shensation
Lady Africa
Black Sage
Lady Syntax
Bongo Spear
B. London
Soca Love (Machel & Iwer)
Turning Corners
Our Passing Heroes
Respect Your School Uniform
What To Do With Watson Duke
The horrors of having more than 1 woman
No more calypso monarch in Dimanche Gras
Arrive Alive
CPEP Suspension
UNC Gone Solo
The New NCC Chairman
Cro Cro Buss Ah Cuss
Tobago Win In Court
The Mary Fairy
Extempo Saving The Artform
 Back To Basics
Second Round: Sobriquet/Singer and Topic
Name of Singers
Brian London vs Fireball
Hezekiah Joseph vs Lingo
Kevon Calliste vs Wendell Goodridge
Winston Peters vs Leslie-Ann Bristo
Mark John vs Phillip Murray
Jumaane Kunle Cox vs Elysia Ray
Venezuelan women love the size of the 'pp'
Happy Hour Over
Soca Picong
Bad Breath
Legalize It
Trini Isis
The Finalists to compete against the reigning monarch Myron B are:
  • Rohan Richards - Fireball
  • Brian London
  • Heskiah Joseph
  • Evan Caliste
  • Leslie-Ann Bristo - Lady Africa
  • Phillip Murray - Black Sage
  • Winston Peters - Gypsy
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