National Calypso Queen Trinidad & Tobago 2019 | Sexy Suzie

Some competitions fly under the radar or are just not in the spotlight because they are not as popular as some to the 'in demand shows'. One such competition took place on Monday February 4th. 2019. The National Women's Action Committee held its yearly National Calypso Queen Competition for Carnival 2019. We have the results of that competition. 
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The show was held at Queen's Hall located in  Saint Ann's. We did not receive any feedback regarding attendance or the quality of the songs.The winning performance will be posted when it becomes available on any social media platform.

If we can get an audio recording of the show or the winning performance we will post it here for your listening pleasure. In the mean time we present the results  (Sent to us by a fan Annie Romany-Chisholm aka Gailos).

Natasha Nurse, aka Sexy Suzie, emerged as Calypso Queen for Trinidad and Tobago's 2019 Carnival beating Singing Sonia into second place. Her contribution this year was a social commentary song, written by Larry Harewood, entitled "De Wrong Name". Congratulations are extended to the newly crowned Women's Calypso Monarch along with all the other singers who participated in the competition. 

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Here are the Official Published Results
Name of Singer/Sobriquet
  1. Natasha Nurse aka Sexy Suzie
  2. Sonia Francis aka Singing Sonia
  3. Allison Bernard aka Warrior Empress
  4. Alana Sinnette-Khan aka Lady Watchman
  5. Kerine Williams-Figaro aka Tiny
  6. Tiffany Paul
  7. Jerrisha Duncan-Regis
  8. Lesley -Ann Ellis
  9. Choc'late Allen
  10. Meguella Simon
  1. De Wrong Name
  2. Shadow's Message
  3. The You In You
  4. Pressure Does Buss Pipe
  5. Slipping Away
  6. Even Though
  7. Big Fat Zero
  8. Yuh Wanna Fight
  9. Kettle
  10. Wakanda Forever

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