Calypso Monarch Finals Order of Appearance | T'dad 2019

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Kaiso, Kaiso and it is that time again when friends and family get together and become 'bush judges' to select the top Griot for Carnival. Tonight's competition, advertised as KAISORAMA - Night of Champions, is going to be a tough one to judge. The professional judges will have the final say but all bush judges will have an opinion and a winner (for sure).

We believer that this year's festival could be the year of the woman! We intentionally used a photo with a woman to highlight the fact that a woman could win the title of top Calypsonian for carnival 2019. Having said that, we are going to keep an eye on Tigress as she highlights the scourge of 'depression' in today's society. Depression is relevant and her story telling talent should give her the crown this year!

Now, just to be on the safe side of the discussion, we will need to keep an eye on/listen attentively to the reigning monarch, Helon Francis, and to Winston "Gypsy Peters; they both have excellent calypsos and the talent to win the competition. Of course one can pick someone else (you are a fan of someone) who has as good a chance to win the title but "Who Feels It Knows It" by Joanne "Tigress" Rowley has over 91,000 views/plays on Facebook (to help convince you) and we just love the song.

Full disclosure we admire Tigress and the people behind the music production. Drum-roll... if you didn't figure this out yet, we are picking Tigress to win it this year while holding our breath as it relates to Gypsy and Helon!

Let's not forget that there is another competition taking place this year and to be honest this one will be a toss up. Having said that, we think it will come down to "The Incredible Myron B" and "Gypsy". Don't be surprised if Gypsy wins this competition after all, he is a master of  Extempo style of Calypso. It should be a wonderful night of competition. May the most talented, most worthy singers rise to the top and be crowned Monarch for each category of competition tonight. 

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Extempo Monarch Finalists 

  • Brian London 
  • Hezekiah Joseph
  • Kevan Calliste
  • Leslie Ann Bristow aka Lady Africa
  • Phillip Murray aka Black Sage
  • Rohan Richards aka Fireball
  • Winston Peters aka Gypsy
  • Myron Bruce aka The Incredible Myron B (The Reigning Extempo Monarch)
Calypso Monarch Finalists:
Name of Singer
01. Darwren Greenidge
02. Karene Asche
03. Maria Bhola
04. Roderick Gordon
05. Kurt Allen
06. Devon Seale
07. Erphaan Alves
08. Joanne Rowley
09. Winston Peters
10. Helon Francis
11. Alana Sinnette Khan
12. Duane O Connor
13. Anthony Hendrickson
14. Stacey Sobers
15. Alex Gift
16. Ronaldo London
Last Badjohn of Kaiso
Lady Watchman
Tobago Chalkie
Loco and Broko
False Alarm
El Muro (The Wall)
Wha Yuh Say
Two Face
I Am
Who Feels It Knows It
When Elephants Fight
What Coming Next
Pressure Does Buss Pipe
Where Are The Footprints
Make T&T Great Again
Travel Advisory
Man's Imagination
Name of Singer
Allison Bernard
Warrior Princess
The You In You

The Winners, Link here to see who won: 

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