Calypso Fiesta Results 2019 | In The Twilight Zone | Oh No!

We thought this would happen and it did! There was the agony of the results that left many wondering what the hell were they judging?  It is understood that chair-side judges will always be upset with the official judging results. However, this one came out of left field... the results announced felt like everything was done in the Twilight Zone!

There is no doubt that the people who made it to the finals are ecstatic and this is not the time to rain on their parade!  Having said that, I can hear it, can you? "They thief, they thief, we want to see the score sheets"! Many left the venue shaking their heads in disgust; one has to wonder what the following artistes did wrong:
  • Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust
  • Robert Elias aka Mighty Trini
  • Heather MacIntosh
  • Michael Osuna aka Sugar Aloes 
  • Victoria Cooper Rahim aka Queen Victoria
What did Chalkdust do wrong? What else did Trini have to do? Who in that competition has a golden voice like Sugar Aloes? He sang well and had a good composition yet, the Fiesta crowd showed him the shame of Toilet paper. I guess they still have not forgiven him for singing/composing a song favorable for ex Prime Minister Kamla while forsaking the revered PNM dynasty. Go figure these people and the judges/judging criteria. Some people are still toting their vindictive ways to the detriment of sound talent.Of course there is much to say but we are confident that you can fill in the rest.

It is interesting to note that four artistes from the first half of the show made the finals while ten from the second half got in. How is it possible that only four singers from the first half got in compared to ten for the second half? Performing in the first half of the show is a blight!

To those who got in, congratulations... what else can one say? The finalists and their fans are celebrating tonight and don't give a damn about if the judging got it right and rightly so! C'est La Vie, the cry is the same every year!

Here are the artistes who made it to the finals that will take place next Thursday (a night of Champions that also includes the Extempo Finals) at the Queen's Park Savannah. The fifteen artistes will attempt to wrest the crown from defending Monarch Helon Francis.

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Name of Singer
Alana Sinnette Khan
Alex Gift
Anthony Hendrickson
Darwen Greenidge
Devon Seales
Duane O'Connor
Erphaan Alves
Joann Rowley
Karene Asche
Kurt Allen
Maria Bhola
Roderick Gordon
Ronaldo London
Stacey Sobers
Winston Peters
Lady Watchman
Tobago Chalkie
Last Badjohn of Kaiso
Pressure Does Buss Pipe
Travel Advisory
Where Are The Footprints
Two Face
I Am
Who Feels It Knows It
Loco And Broko
Wha Yuh Say
False Alarm
El Muro (The Wall)
Man's Imagination
Make T&T Great Again
When Elephants Fight
Name of Singer
Allison Bernard
Warrior Princess
The You In You

This song was not good enough for the finals!

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