VI Music Community Vex with Skinny Fabulous | Soca Kankalang 2019

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There is trouble brewing on Social Media regarding comments made by Skinny Faboulous on 96.1 OJO Radio. I saw that interview and it happened innocently; I don't think he meant to harm VI music but to state that it was different and unfamiliar to 'Soca music style from the rest of the Caribbean' but still awesome vibes... different yes, but just as sweet!

As a result of the conversation the following discussion (we took out what was relevant to the current discussion...listen from 10:19) created the outrage on Social Media.

It should be noted what Shal Marshall's response to Skinny's statement was because it shows that they did not try to demean Virgin Island music.

Here is a clip of part of the conversation that took place in the studio for the first radio promotion of the song Famalay with Skinny Fabulous representing the team. A harmless discussion regarding the virtues of island identity led to the following discourse. 

Skinny Fabulous:  
You know who have their own identity, Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands have a particular sound, you saw that on the boat. They have a particular, It does sound like noise. but it is a melodic noise.

Shal Marshall:  
That's their thing, ah telling you boi, when you come there with you nice ting, yuh groovy thing, they watching yuh, that kinda light for we yuh know. They want jamming boi... real pace, everybody have their style.

The conversation was about what was unique to the each territory. This was in no case meant to demean any region but to uplift what is considered 'Small Island Music'. It is important to note that singers are using music producers from across the Caribbean Soca Music diaspora.

It will be a sad day if the Virgin Island music following should ostracize Skinny Fabulous for his use of words. Trust me Skinny Fabulous respects the music from each territory to the extent that he tries to be relevant in each territory. One good will come from this... he but the VI music machine in the spotlight. Some people reading this may not know the artistes from the VI and will now take the opportunity to do YouTube searches to hear this "melodic noise"!

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