Single Pan Bands Finals | Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2019

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Trinidad and Tobago Panorama Competitions begin in earnest this weekend.  We start small and end up with the finals of the large conventional bands. The first official winner(s) will be announced on Sunday February 3rd. 2019. Fans of the steel pan will get their first 'taste of pan vibes' when the first of several categories of competition commence.

The Single Pan Bands Finals competition will take place in Arima at the Princes Royal Park basketball court. The official start time is 6:00 pm. 

Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony will attempt to make it three in a row having won the competition in 2017 and 2018. Stay tuned to Sokah2Soca for news and possible audio broadcast for this competition.

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Name of Steel Band
  1. San Juan E. Side Symphony
  2. Trinidad Nostalgic
  3. San Juan All Stars
  4. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove
  5. T& T Fire Service
  6. Uni Stars
  7. Shades In Steel
  8. Marsicans
  9. New Age Trendsetters
  10. La Creole Pan Groove
  11. Royal Pan Illusion
  12. Chord Masters
  13. Metro Stars
  14. Woodbrook Playboyz
  15. La Famille United
  16. Edinburg 500 Steel Orch.
  17. Newtown Playboys Symph.
  18. Blanca 47
  19. Arima All Stars
  20. Brimblers
Selection/Name of Song
  1. Iron Man
  2. Crapaud Revolution
  3. Whop Cocoyea
  4. Flag Woman
  5. Mystery Band
  6. Ah Come Out To Party
  7. Both Ah Dem
  8. Rain-O-Rama
  9. Kaka Roach
  10. Stranger
  11. Pan By Storm
  12. Free Up
  13. Stranger
  14. Janette
  15. Blue Fever
  16. No no we ain't going home
  17. Fantastic Friday
  18. Different Me
  19. Ah Going And Party 
  20. Tonight
Name of Arranger(s)
  1. Carlan Harewood
  2. Amrit Samaroo
  3. Roenaldo De Peiza
  4. Shaun Marcano
  5. Terrence "BJ" Marcelle
  6. Kareem Brown
  7. Dante Pantin
  8. Marlon White
  9. Joesph, Phillips, Sobers
  10. Jamal Gibbs
  11. Tony Williams
  12. Kyshon Frith
  13. Cary Codrington
  14. Michelle Huggins-Watts
  15. Triston Marcano
  16. Andre Boldan 
  17. A. Perriera R. Joesph
  18. Kieon Augustine
  19. Andy Neils
  20. Aaron Clarke
Screen shot photo of the preliminary results © When Steel Talks 2019

Link here for the complete preliminary results: When Steel Talks/2019 Single Pan Bands Preliminary Results.

Here is a look-back at last year's winning performance (2018) by Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony playing 'The Hammer' by David Rudder. 

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