Mr. Popular | Kerice Pascall | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

 Photo © TOVID.IO/Kerice Pascall
Is he or isn't he? What did you say, it's Rowley of course! You know the saying, 'yuh damn if you do and you damn if you don't but is that the case for Dr. Rowley? This is where you, John and Jane Public come into play... we will get to that in a few but for now we want to introduce you to one of the better Calypso releases for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019. The song is entitled, "Mr. Popular" sung by Kerice Pascall. We think that you will love the effort and the way she tackled the feelings of the people as it relates to the current Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley.

So what is this popularity all about? Is that he is popular because of good deeds or is it because people have contempt for him? Well, you can judge if he is really 'more popular than  KFC'. Kerice is on a mission to discover the reason for the popularity of the PM... her goal is to use the same formula to win it all for Carnival 2019. We love hear song, her vocal performance and the music production and the general feel of the song. We wish her success for this current Calypso season.

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About the Artiste:
Kerice Pascall is a twenty four year old young woman who has a passion for singing. She began to sing at the age of eight in her school choir. After she went on to Secondary School, her passion for singing grew even stronger.

Her opportunity came in 2008 when The Ministry of Social Development held a mediation competition in which she won her category with a calypso composition written by her grandfather Sylvester ‘Magruff’ Langdon, named “A Better Way”.
  • 2009 - TUCO Junior TUCO Junior Calypso Competition with that said song where she managed to make it to the finals. 
  • 2010 - Kerice again entered all the Junior Calypso Competitions around the country. She placed 2nd in the NJAC Pathfinders Competition and copped the first prize in the SOCA Competition in Rio Claro.
  • 2011 - Kerice again placed second in NJACs Pathfinders Calypso Competition and again made it to the finals in the TUCO Junior Calypso competition.
  • 2012 - She entered the Lord Bryners Calypso Competition with a rendition named “T & T Label” with which she managed to reach to the Semi Finals. 2012 also saw Kerice reaching to the finals of the La Reine Rive Queen Competition.
  • 2013 - Kerice was successful at the auditions of the DIVAS Calypso tent in Port of Spain where she is presently a cast member. In 2013 she performed “PM SHOES” at various competitions across the country.
  • 2014 - It was quite a successful year for Kerice as she was chosen as a semifinalist for Calypso Fiesta with her calypso Fix it and Hush.
  • 2015 - She sang ‘The End of the Saga’. Kerice Pascall aims to become a household name as she intends to further her musical career in other genres of music. 
  • 2016 - She joined the cast of Kaiso Showcase with her rendition “A Bell for from Ella Andell”.
  • 2017 - “The Black Equation” helped her qualify for Calypso Fiesta.
  • 2018 - She sang “Pull Yuh Weight”
  • 2019 - Mr. Popular
Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Mr. Popular
Performed by: Kerice Pascall
Written by: Sylvester Langdon ' Ma Gruff'
Music Arranged by: Leston Paul

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotion purposes should be treated as such and not
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