Friday Jumpstart Mix Vol 5 | DJ Tony Tempo x Sokah2Soca

What a day in New York City! We had our first Winter Storm, in Fall for heaven's sake. Added to the sucky weather we had total gridlock in Washington Heights; the George Washington Bridge was shut down because of multiple car accident!

Phew, that was way too much for one day, three and a half hours to get home... sigh, breathe!

Another weekend is here and we can put yesterday behind up... amen to that! Tony Tempo will change your mood, with today's mix. We are bringing some Caribbean sunshine to bless New York City today.

Many of our fans have indicated that they missed some of the early music releases... too lazy to catch up/unaware of the early releases. Having noted that, Tony decided to go back in time... just a little bit, and bring you some of the early music releases that you missed.

Take a look at the Track Listing and get familiar with these songs. Some you may already know but take note of the ones you missed. Tell us what you think about these songs and the mix that brought some sunlight, some warm feelings to this cold and damp morning in New York City!

Where ever you are in the World, this mix is for you! Share your feedback with our in-house DJ who powers the mixes for Sokah2Soca. Tell DJ Tony Tempo how you feel about the mix and send in your requests for future mixes!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Mix Tape Title: Friday Weekend Kickstarter Mix Vol. #5
Mixed by: International DJ Tony Tempo
Mixed Exclusively for Sokah2Soca
Email: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
Contact Sokah2Soca:

Tracklist (This mix is available for download from Soundcloud/arrow pointing down in the player!)

0:00 Intro
0:15 King Bubba FM - Jiggle Jiggle (Party Remix)
1:48 Joaquin x Krosfyah -Tiny Winey
3:46 Savi Sav - Overdose
5:51 Problem Child - Good Up Good Up (Kickstand  Riddim)
6:47 Shal Marshall - Party We Love (Kickstand Riddim)
8:06 Timeka Marshall - Winey Winey (Kickstand Riddim)
9:52 Jus D - Hole (Icki Wiki Riddim)
11:24 Tizzy - Property (Icki Wiki Riddim)
12:31 Imani Ray - Doh Stick (Orange Peel Riddim)
13:45 Jerome Gonzales - Your Wine  (Orange Peel Riddim)
15:19 Jesalee Marley Coldero - SOCA  (Orange Peel Riddim)
16:23 Leon Coldero - Bacchanal (Orange Peel Riddim)
17:43 Patrice Roberts - Bumpa Avenger (Novation Riddim)
19:14 T Rock ft Hardware & Simon Pope - Wining Pro (Novation Riddim)
20:00 Menace aka M1 - Come For De Wuk (Novation Riddim)
21:03 Dev - Somebody (Novation Riddim)
22:04 Kimba Sorzano - Kathy (Novation Riddim)
23:34 Ricardo Drue - I Got You Rocket Launcher Riddim)
24:33 King Bubba FM - Show Me Power (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
25:33 Lil Rick - Hold On (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
27:18 Sekon Sta - Bumper (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
28:16 Lavaman - The Anthem (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
29:15 Skinny Fabolous & Mason - Bun Fuh Bun (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
30:14 Kendel Haynes - Don't Judge Me (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
31:13 Teddyson John - Living It Up (Rocket Launcher Riddim)
32:12 Lil Rick - True Story  (Mad Alien Riddim)
33:37 Peter Ram - Push Back  (Mad Alien Riddim)
34:06 King Bubba FM - Juice (Dj Puffy Roadmix) [Mad Alien  Riddim]
35:32 Chai Rosé - I Ready
37:19 LFS Music x Lyrikal - Issa Blessing
39:17 Kernal Roberts - Level Up
41:00 Syo x J2M - Bad
42:28 Zan x J2M   Get Through
43:56 Blaxx -  Gyal Owner (Tight Squeeze Riddim)
45:09 Biggie Irie - Rhythm Of You (Tight Squeeze Riddim)
46:37 Sita Di Lyrical Diva - Don't Ramp (Dibby Ink Riddim)
47:38 S.K. - Minivan (Dibby Ink Riddim)
48:37 Lil Rick - Ben It (Dibby Ink Riddim)
50:36 Scrilla - De Baddest (Monkey Steel Riddim)
51:13 Nikman - Pressure (Monkey Steel Riddim)
51:57 Problem Child - De Road (Monkey Steel Riddim)
52:41 Shal Marshall  Trending (Monkey Steel Riddim)
54:08 Imani - All Day Long
55:29 V'ghn - Trouble In The Morning (Morning After Riddim)
56:27 Holla Bak X Skinny Fabulous - Attitude (Morning After Riddim)
57:41 L Pank - Whole Night (Morning After Riddim)
58:41 Outro

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotion purposes should be treated as such and not shared!
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