Water Blessing | Iwer George | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

Jump in the water, time to take a bathe, take a bath... wait! What is going on here? Damn that was 2017 Soca but don't you long for another water song? Hell yes, here comes Iwer with the sequel, "Water Blessings" for Carnival 2019.

Hey, if it works, don't break it! One has to wonder about the timing of this song with all the losses experienced by the recent flooding in Trinidad and Tobago. The conclusion is that the flooding brought dirty water but Iwer is blessing you with crystal clear pure water from the heavens. I know, we are pushing it but remember this, there is always a blessing is the worst of situations... we just have to persevere and look inwards.

Now let's get the formalities out of the way. This is new music from Neil 'Iwer' George for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019. 'Water Blessings" was written by Neil 'Iwer' George and Geddes King; the song was produced and mixed by 'Incognito'. But wait, there is more! Look who is back with 'Iwer' on this track, Iwer's longtime producer, Kenny Phillips, delivered the live guitar strings for this song... A hearty shout out to Mr. Kenny Phillips!

Now before all the Iwer George haters jump on the 'hating bandwagon' let's find out what Iwer had to say about his 'Water Blessings'. Iwer: "Water tune? Gospel? Power Soca? Jab Jab? All of the above! #IAMBLESSED. The People Have Spoken. The Weather Has Spoken. The Water Lord Will Deliver!". Did you get Iwer's message? This is not complicated, don't dig into Iwer's Water fetish just feel the music! Focus on the vibe because this Power Soca is meant to further an all adrenaline party hype. Regardless of your feelings, regardless of the fact that you are tempted to criticize, take note that once Iwer hits the stage it is total chaos. Iwer is the closest thing that Trinidad & Tobago has that imitates what happens in Grenada and Saint Vincent when the people feel the vibe... mash down the fence feting, human waves in motion in the arena, dust in the air and dust in yuh face!

So what about the music and Iwer's vocals on this track? This is a wicked, hard pounding Power Soca vibe that does not overwhelm... simply put, the bpm is just right to get on bad, play yourself and have a damn good time without running for an energy booster. Iwer's vocals, for such a vibe, was surprisingly relaxed, in control with excellent enunciation and execution. Remember, Carnival music is music that should encourage you to feel good, want to dance and play yourself, fete until daylight and just forget about your troubles... this song will get you there! Lyrically, the words are meant to encourage you to embrace the musical experience. Iwer is a showman and with this song, these lyrics you will have your hands in the air, feting and enjoying the experience.

In this business, you have to have faith that the work you do will not simply be enjoyed but more importantly, be understood. If you listen to the song you will understand that not only is it a song for revelry but the message is a good one. "Come in front for your blessing, come in front for your blessing, your water blessing, come on we go bless this place, we go clean this place". If you have faith then the relevance of this song, after the recent flooding, will make sense, if you take time to listen to the lyrical content.

To conclude, haters will decry Iwer's love with water songs. Then again, rest assured, these very same people will be deliriously and blissfully feting to Iwer's "Water Blessings". We have to give this one our 'thumbs up'... simply put, Iwer continues to embrace the essence of carnival feting with this song. 

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Performed by: Iwer George
Written by: Neil 'Iwer' George and Geddes King
Produced & Mixed by: Incognito
Live Guitar by: Kenny Phillips
Mastered by: Andrew 'Piper' Bowen
Background Vocals by: Kendel Haynes
Recorded by: Geddes King at: EM Studios
Artwork by: Kyle Awon

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