The Bassman is Gone | Winston Bailey, The Mighty Shadow

The BassMan is Gone!  Winston Anthony Bailey aka 'The Mighty Shadow' died from complications of a stroke he suffered on Sunday. He died early this morning; Shadow, as he was affectionately known was 77 years old (born October 4, 1941/left us October 23, 2018).

Shadow was a special talent, a gift to the nation. He was scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies, Saint Agustine Campus this weekend. His untimely passing places more importance on taking care of our heroes in a more timely fashion.  It is amazing the amount of music the man created and gave to his fans. Radio stations should set aside time to celebrate this Calypso hero! Tune in to WACK Radio 90.1FM!

Shadow created a very unique sound that will continue to impact Soca Music for a very long time to come. No one was able to copy his very unique musical style. Listening to Shadow speak publicly on WACK Radio 90.1 recently he sounded hurt that he was never given the credit he deserved for his work done during the early development of Soca music.

Shadow's Baseman (from hell) is a very special song and one that brought him national attention. He will be missed! Safe journey Dr. Winston Bailey aka The Mighty Shadow, a loving and grieving nation mourns for you!

To conclude we go back to where we began the post and conclude with some classic line from one of his most popular songs... Bassman. Today we lost one of the greatest Calypsonian's. R.I.P Winston Anthony Bailey known to all as The Mighty Shadow.

"One night I said to de Bassman
Give me your identification
He said “Is me – Farrell –
Your Bassman from hell.
Yuh tell me you singing Calypso
An’ ah come up to pull some notes for you."

We have listed some of the Albums and Compilations released by The Shadow below. The singles that were released can be viewed on other sites; we chose to highlight some of his important works. However,  since we started the albums in 1974 we will list the singles released up to that year.
The Mighty Shadow released many singles, too many to list for this post. If you want to see the full discography for 'The Mighty Shadow then use the following link: Shadow/Discography

Important Musical Accomplishments
  • 1974 - Won the Road March Title with "Bassman"
  • 2000 - Won the Calypso Monarch Title: "What's Wrong With Me" and "Scratch Meh Back"
  • 2001 - Won the Road March Title with "Stranger"
  • 2001 - Won the International Soca Monarch with "Stranger"
Discography - Singles before 1974
  • The Threat/Modern Housewives (7", Single) - 1971
  • Trouble Now In 72/SaltFish (7", Single) - 1972
  • Jane/Visit To Mars (7", Single) - 1972
  • Obeah Man/Run-Du-Du (7", Single) - 1973
Discography - Albums
  • Bassman - 1974 (Won the Road March title with Bassman)
  • King From Hell - 1975
  • The Super Master Strikes Again (Constant Jammin') - 1976
  • The Flip Side of Shadow - 1976
  • De Zess Man - 1977
  • Dreadness - 1977
  • If I Coulda I Woulda I Shoulda - 1978
  • Music Fever - 1981
  • Return Of The Shadow - 1982
  • Return Of De Bassman - 1983
  • Going Off - 1983
  • Sweet Sweet Dreams - 1984
  • Mystical Moods - 1984
  • Better Than Ever - 1986
  • Raw Energy - 1987
  • High Tension - 1988
  • Pressure Point - 1989
  • The Monster - 1990
  • Keep On Dancin'- 1991
  • Winston Bailey Is The Shadow - 1992
  • Moods Of The Shadow - 1993
  • Dingolay - 1994 
  • Enchanted - 1995
  • Eternal Energy - The Shadi Wadi Rhythms - 1997
  • Just For You - 2001 (Won Road March title with "Stranger" included in this album)
  • Goumangala - 2001
  • Fully Loaded - 2003
Discography - Compilations 
  • Columbus Lied - 1991
  • Jump Up (Various Artistes; features Gossiping by Shadow) - 1998
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