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I am going to make this a very short post. I realized that listening to and posting reviews for music releases don't always work out well! Now that is not breaking news, but the kicker that spurred this post happened on the way to work this morning.

I felt very confident regarding my original post for F.U.N but what happened next left me cringing in my seat on that bus ride along the Henry Hudson Highway. These DJ's have the magic touch!

Yesterday, I posted the New Destra Garcia song and did not think much of it.  The reason was simple for me. I had an earful of three songs previously released on the Gostbusters Riddim.

I especially like "Benover" from Makamillion, Multi-Symptom and Yankey Boy. F.U.N just did not feel right... but on the way to work this morning, I played a mix that I downloaded this morning. The mix has some nice work and while listening on my headphones F.U.N by Destra was mixed in. Damn... I thought, what have I done... this song just pops, that was my experience listening on my headphones.

This is the conundrum faced by Soca Music bloggers, post immediately to be first or wait for the DJ's to do their thing before posting?  Those who write a few lines get away easily. Then again almost all the comments on YouTube say that the songs are 'mad', 'love it', 'de ting start' etc. At Soca2Soca our posts are a little longer and stand alone! Sometimes we get it right and then again a mix comes along making us think about past posts.

DJ's make or break a song, not simply because they play a song x amount of times but how they use the song and more importantly, the magic they do to the production before dropping the song in a mix.

Fans of Destra should feel good about her music release. Now, I wonder what other song or songs will 'Pop", or as they say today... that song is Lit!

We have posted the original music release for F.U.N. here but don't have a remixed version of the song to add. The mix I listened to needs to be 'cut' to get to the Destra song. Tell us what you think

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