Osaka Riddim | Precision Productions | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

This is new music from Precision Productions out of Trinidad and Tobago. This is their second Riddim Release for festival 2019 and is entitled "Osaka Riddim".
Going Global has always bee the goal for Soca music. Having said that, it is time that Caribbean people understand that Soca is big in Japan; watch for future collaborative projects out of Japan.

It was a smart decision by the brain trust at Precision Productions to create music that links with this large market base. Precision Production is taking the lead, and today we are posting the new Riddim that was featured on the Large Up Radio/website in the United Kingdom yesterday.

“It is surreal knowing you are creating indigenous music in the Caribbean and seeing people on the other side of the world, from a different culture, who don’t speak English, having fun and singing along to your music,” Precision Productions’ Kasey Phillips told us of the idea behind Osaka. “It made me want to work harder and keep doing all I can to spread my culture to the world.” ©Large Up (Use the link to read the complete article on LargeUp).

The singers on the Riddim include 5-Star Akil whose video for his song, "Personal", was shot in Tokyo, Japan. The other singers on the Riddim include LFS Music, Kerwin Dubois, Preedy and International Soca Monarch, Voice.

These songs have grown on me since their early morning release and after listening in a quiet place... no distractions.  Initially, on first listen, nothing stood out but in a quiet spot, the vibe and vocals all fell in place. In other words, the songs connected with my auditory sweet spot!  No ground zero for the songs on this Riddim... there is a leader! Voice took the Riddim with Kerwin a close second. The other songs will find favor with their fans. Everyone can feel good about the work they did on this Riddim.

Personal - 5Star Akil
The video for this song was shot in Tokyo, Japan and is the featured track/video for the Riddim release. Talk about someone who is overloaded with confidence... he behaves like the man's man! The lion roars and he proudly struts extolling his virtues. It is just a one night stand! Well, we won't take it personal 5Star but we jokingly believe that you will have to work harder for it... #MeToo brother, women are empowered today. The more you listen to this song the better it gets. This one caught me by surprise. Excellent vocals, flirtatious and outspoken... we love it!

Start It - LFS Music
LFS Music, these guys are special. I have a special fondness for anything these guys sing. This song addresses the cause and effect of starting it and because it is all about our carnival the checklist includes good music, bacchanal and feting. This is not a complicated lyrical effort... simple but very effective. These guys can sing and provided a vibe that everyone can take a sweet slow groove wine in any fete. Nice!

Right For Somebody - Kerwin Dubois
Kerwin Dubois dug deep and exposed what drives him to be the man he is today. Brilliant lyrical content and vocals that continue to keep Kerwin out from and in demand. Sometimes it is good to take an introspective look and feel good about your accomplishments... those that are personal and make you feel good about yourself and those that others can appreciate. Yes, it is a blessing to love oneself and know that if one person is not right for you there is definitely someone else out there for you.

Warm Up - Preedy 

Preedy is the unsung hero of the young Soca artistes. He is consistent with his writing and vocal ability. He will cross the barrier and wake up one day a star in Trinidad and Tobago. He is taken for granted by most people... Preedy is expected to bring a good vibe... one day, just wait, one day he will 'be the one'. This song is all about that special lady who just translates music vibes into body gyrations that captivates Preedy. The lyrical content is simple but Preed sells it well. I especially love the way he ended the song... nice!

Alive and Well (ft. Bishop Anstey High School Choir) - Voice
'Alive and Well' by Voice is the one that everyone is talking about; the work is already out that this is the song that the Riddim will shift gears with and propel both the artiste and Riddim to the forefront. Talk about confidence, not in the same manner that 5Star Akil did for his song but confidence in self and life. The addition of the Bishop Anstey High School Choir added  'haunting feelings to the song'! This is a song that will make you stop what you are doing and listen... just listen! "Bad Mind I doh know who send you but tell them you eh see meh nah"... my feelings exactly! This artiste is known for his thought-provoking and conscious lyrical compositions; after listening to this song one has to take one's hat off to the artiste... Kudos Voice, this song is boss!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Riddim Title: Osaka
Performed by: 5-Star Akil, LFS Music, Kerwin Dubois, Preedy and Voice
Written by: ******
Produced by:  Precision Productions
Mixed and Mastered by: ******

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotion purposes should be treated as such and not shared!
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