Foli Riddim | Badjohn Republic | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

Today we present the newly released Foli Riddim produced by Badjohn Republic. The songs on the Foli Riddim feature the vocals of Fayann Lyons, Menace aka M1, Jonelle Manwaring, Bunji Garlin, Dale Ryan, and Salty. For this post, we feature all the songs on the Riddim but will come back with individual posts for each song.

So here is a question for you, what kind of Soca music consumer are you? Are you into jump and wave music or do you prefer to groove to the rhythm of life? Foli is rhythm, and if you were not aware of it we live and breathe rhythm every day... it is in everything that we do. Foli is in our gait, our heartbeat and in every breath, and for this post, the rhythm of our festival, our music!

We mostly think of rhythm when it comes to our music and we use it to translate that vibe into magical movement we call dance. One Riddim but for this Foli Riddim, each song tells a different story that interestingly translates into a feel-good vibe that is unique for each track. Every song on this riddim advocates movement and rhythm that translates into dance once the vibe and flow of the production take hold of you... trust me, you will feel it, experience it and, love it! Now let's say a few words about each song on the riddim... let's get to it!

Feel Good - Fayann Lyons
Fay Ann has captured that Foli vibe... the vibe of life itself and movement of the spirit for this song entitled "Feel Good". We all need to feel good again, feel the vibe and the cadence of life that flows in us. Today, "everybody is on their phone; man they cyar leave it at home; through the party shining bright, camera and video light; is only social media, no social behavior... just wine"!

Shy - Menace aka Mi
Menace is not holding back anything with his selection entitled "Shy". One thing that we can deduce after listening to Menace is that Menace is not easy and definitely not shy... "tonight yuh is mine". See, he is confident and knows what he wants!

Foli - Jonelle Manwaring
Jonelle's Shango Bell ringing impacted me and made me appreciate this song even more. As a child growing up in Trinidad, I lived close to a Baptiste church and all the vibe of the church could be heard and seen whenever there was a pilgrimage. Jonelle has a very sweet singing style and she captured the movement in Foli with style... we love this song.

See Meh - Bunji Garlin
Bunji is telling people to mind their 'Funky Business' while championing his clean living habits in song. Rumors, those cancerous tumors but "you will never see me, yuh nah see me dey and never in a dutty way"! Remember that honesty is the best policy... Bunji said so! I loved the end of the song... "Rumors, fabrication, like you have a shop"!

Mama - Dale Ryan
This is a very 'heartwarming song' sung by Dale Ryan. He showered praises to his mother for her lifelong endeavor to make him the man he is today. This song felt like it was carved with pure African vibe especially coming from the background vocals. This will turn out to be a very special, sought-after song long after carnival 2019 is gone.

Body Good - Salty
We wrap up the Riddim with a little salt! Salty ensured that everyone remembers that Trinidad and Tobago carnival is coming. Body good is geared for the carnival experience. He wants to ensure that after all the work is done he achieves...  oh lorrrd, the total carnival experience!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Riddim Title: Foli
Performed by: Various Artistes (Fayann Lyons, Menace aka M1, Jonelle Manwaring, Bunji Garlin, Dale Ryan, and Salty)
Produced & Mixed by Badjohn Republic
Vocal Sample by Jonnelle Manwaring
Mastered by:  Precision Productions
Artwork by: Nikkesha StewArt
Trumpet - Nathan Maxwell
Alto Sax - Irwyn Roach
Trombone - Johann Andrews
Tenor sax - Anthony O’Conner
Brass Courtesy Jaiso

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotion purposes should be treated as such and not shared!
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