Foli Riddim | Making Waves, The Talk of The Town | 2019

Foli, the Riddim that keeps giving. Since the release of the Foli Riddim by Badjohn Republic the ground swell keeps rising. Every day we keep hearing that "I like the songs of the Foli Riddim. and I especially like Fay-Ann's song". 

These continuing conversations bode well for Badjohn and the songs that preach rhythm in movement... is rhythm and the vibe taps into the soul of a nation revving up for another carnival season. 

When one thinks about recent music releases from Precision Production (10 X Riddim and Osaka Riddim) it must feel good to be in the conversation as the next best thing out there.

If you are a fan of the music, not just for fetting, but simply because you love good music then you are in for a treat. Osaka and 10 X Over Riddim have some heavy hitters singing songs that will be memorable after Carnival 2019 is over. 

One has to ask, how does Foli fit in with these crop of songs. Osaka has moved ahead of 10 X Over for sure with the like of Voice, Kerwin Dubois, Preedy and 5 Star Akil dropping bombs! Foli is the creeper, the one that seeps slowly into the soil but reaching the roots in time to nourish and blossom after many rosebud riddims have peaked. Why? Simply put, Foli is rhythm... let that sink in for a moment.

The following is an excerpt from Caption author Yuri Sucupira:
"Life has a rhythm, it's constantly moving.
The word for rhythm ( used by the Malinke tribes ) is FOLI.
It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing or sound.
It's found in every part of daily life".

Foli, "it's found in every part of daily life" and that is exactly what the six songs on the Foli Riddim brings to life with their compositions... vocals, rhythm in the music production and lyrical content that captures movement in life experiences. 

Fayann deals with the impact of social media and how it clearly impacts our behavior in social environments; her song is entitled, "Feel Good".  She exposed our selfish behavior in parties and our need for posting selfies on social media rather than living and experiencing the joys of the party... we have taken a parallel path of selfish values. 

Then comes Salty with "Body Good". This song brings us to the experience of rhythm in movement, rhythm in dance. We can't get enough of our sensuality as it relates to marrying movement (dance) with the vibe of the music. Body Good brings movement and rhythm into one expression of physical enjoyment. 

From Salty's bold pronouncement and extrovert exposure of rhythmic expressions to the music comes a very smooth and coaxing vibe from Menace entitled "Shy" He understands the moment and tells his story without making much noise. He encourages movement with a soothing tone to achieve his desire. 

Foli, for this purpose, is musical rhythm taking over our very being, our soul is turned over and exposed in life experiences by Jonelle Manwaring; her song is entitled, "Foli". She may not have the name to sound the horn loudly but she is the mouthpiece of the Riddim and delight us with her sweet vocals. She shows how we live and breathes Foli... just the way we talk, the way we wuk it so... rolling like ah macajuel. We got the Foli in our soul... just let Foli take control!

Daly Ryan is a singer not a producer on the Foli vibe. He pays tribute to all mothers as he remembers life experiences and values he learned as a child. 

Bunji Garlin with his song entitled "See Meh" show us how a clean life exists in a World of Foli. A clean life is like a sweet rhythm, it is like ripples on crystal clear water quenching the thirst of life. The vibe of Foli is clean, the words of Bunji encourages a clean life just as the Foli vibe feels sweet and enjoyable. Dancing without mischievous underpinnings, clean pure and so Foli.

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