Bangerang | YT | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

People are talking about this song... there are those who consider this song total nonsense and then there are those who just love it! So what is really going on here? The conversations taking place online (Facebook) are alleging that this is one of those songs that really don't make any sense but just caught on fire just because... well, let's get to it!

First things first, we have to contend with the slang word, Bangerang/Bangarang. We have a good feeling that they both mean the same thing just a little difference in spelling. "Bangarang is a Jamaican slang defined as a hubbub, uproar, disorder, or disturbance. It can also be a general exclamation meant to signify approval or amazement"(Urban Dictionary).

In the song, the singer says, "Trinidad hard like Banga-seed"; we used that as our 'key' to unlock the meaning of/for this song. Banga seeds are very hard seeds found in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean basin, the term 'banga-seed' is used to express the hardness of anything. If you didn't know, the Banga fruit goes by the name Gru-gru-bef in Trinidad and Tobago. Now we can eliminate the first terms noted above from the Urban Dictionary and focus of 'tings hard in Trini eh' or just that Trinidadians do anything 'hard style (go hard)'as in, 'give it everything'!

In the end, the conclusion (after carefully listening to the song) the singer is on point stating that Trinidad is the land of Bangerang (using the term Banga to mean 'hardness in anything'). Did you get it? Trinidadians like to "go hard" in any endeavor. If they are feting, winin', liming or just doing anything related to the carnival experience. Now let's get back to the actual song. I am not venturing into the well it means things are "hard in Trini now, tings bad boi". Well, we know regardless of bad things are Trini will find fete money!

Many times we hear a song and don't 'listen to the lyrics carefully'. The end result is that they like the song because of the music and probably because the 'hook' is very catchy. Bangerang is one of those songs that caught on fire because of two things, the music is sweet and the hook caught on quickly. Now if you look deeper you will realize that the singer's message went over many listeners heads. We do hope that our discourse helped you understand the song better; remember it simply means that Trinidadians like to give it all/go hard all the way!

To conclude... we like the music, the hook is contagious and the lyrical content, though simple, was misunderstood by many. Love it or hate it, this song will catch on like Fimba's Funky Business (SVG Carnival) making it the one to watch for carnival 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago.  Keep in mind, that the more controversial this song becomes the more it will be played... the haters are literally making this a hit! 

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Bangerang
Performed by: YT
Written by: *****
Produced by: *****
Mixed and Mastered by: *****

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