Wuk by Marzville | Grading Sexist Lyrical Content

After listening to this song earlier tonight I said to myself that I should not post it but then I realized that to solve the problem (derogatory lyrical content) we have to bring the issue forward. This is what I am doing here with this song. We need to do better and ensure that our daughters, wives, mothers, and sisters all know that the men in our societies 'have their back' (will do good by them and for them).

I am not here to bash the artiste but to help today's Soca artistes understand that the World is changing and we need to treat women with respect! We need to upgrade the quality of our songs lyrical content. So, here we are with a new song release from Marzville entitled, "Wuk"! Let's get to it...

My decision to post the song was very simple but was prompted by the Global Citizens Festival that was showing on NBC (live broadcast) from Central Park. The performers and those who spoke ensured that we come to terms with the inequality that women face in our societies today. I don't need to go into details regarding how women are treated in Soca music. Everyone wants to 'wine on a bumper' with songs simply making women tools for men to have fun with during carnival. Please don't misunderstand the purpose of the post, it is not meant to demean any artiste or songwriter but to help them understand that, with some thought, we can do better lyrically.

"Wuk" by Marzville, produced by Dj Spider GW Music & Sir Fingaz, has some nice musical vibes! As a matter of fact, we love the music and the sweet groove it delivers. However, we cannot endorse the sexist lyrical content of this song! Remember this, when a Riddim is created, as much as six to ten songs are released on the production... so many opportunities to do the right thing! If you have good music to work with, for heaven's sake, why not put some thought when creating the lyrical content?

Now, to avoid any misunderstanding and to ensure that we don't come off as pompous hypocrites, we do understand that words like 'Wuk', Wine (Whine), Winin' (Whinin') will be used in songs... how you use it is important; be wise when using those words. We don't think that we should go down the road of bumpers and similar references to the female derrier. If you want your music to go Global then please use lyrical content that will not insult people in the International community (ahem all men are not dogs). You can continue the way you do things and your song(s) will live and die with the carnival season. Is that what you want to achieve?

Oh, and by the way can someone explain how they got the name for the Riddim? Jollof Rice is a West African stew made with rice, chili peppers, and meat or fish. Can someone help with this one?

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Wuk
Riddim Name: Jollof  Rice
Performed by: Marzville
Produced by: Dj Spider GW Music & Sir Fingaz

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