What I Love About Trouble In The Morning by Vaughn

If you did not know let me remind you... DJ Jel and Sokah2Soca teamed up to do a post for one of the sweetest tracks for 2018... Trouble In The Morning by Vaughn.

This endeavor was our way to introduce our fans to "Di Soca Analyst". DJ Jel and "The World Is Rich" do a Podcast where they review music and just talk about artists and what is going in Soca. I wanted to draw from that narrative. A consensus was reached and Jel decided to 'team up' with Soca2Soca for Vaughn's song. It was our way to introduce Jel to our audience. Link to the original post here: Trouble In The Morning | Vaughn | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

The post is a success but I am totally hooked on that song and wanted to add to that which was already done. I love everything about the song and did not hesitate to do this additional post. The lyrical content, the vocals and the music production done by Captain John brought about an alignment of the musical stars. Vaughn is a young singer/songwriter with 'mad lyrical skills'; he captured the moment, it was as if he transposed his infectious smile onto the song. When you listen to the song, pay attention to the storyline. Without realizing it,  you become engaged to the point that there is a reality that lives in this 'made up story'. The vocals capture the story but the video adds all the colors that capture the moment in real time. This is you, you are the 'player' taking this journey with Vaughn.

The story created by Vaughn shows the maturity of the songwriter and captures the essence of one person taking advantage of a foolhardy situation with some cleverly crafted words. The two lines quoted below show a level of intelligence that goes beyond the years of a young man in pursuit of his passion. He realized her sense of hopelessness, measured her despair, seized the moment, and got her hook, line, and sinker... 

"Don't really want to intervene but did you come here with your team. She said no, no, no..."

"Tell me to go so I could leave If I rudely intervened. She said no, no, no..."

This is where the music has to go; creative writing will get you there! If you want to engage the listening audience then you have to move away from the bumper songs and write meaningful songs. Create your story and make it engaging. The sweet vocals and excellence in music will only make the song better. Vaughn, Captain John and everyone involved with this music production deserve a huge thank you from all those who love Soca music. Thank you, guys!

DJ Jel Di Soca Analyst: (This was done before Sokah2Soca's post above)
V’ghn brought the energy and vibes on this one. In our personal opinion, he probably took the riddim. There are very few artists who can successfully have a catchy song and yet nail down a storyline. When you listen to this 'chune' you can imagine the situation unfold in your mind.

The song tells a story of a young lady who is at a party with her significant other. He leaves her in the party to be with his friends and she is left alone at the party. Vaughn enters the party and meets her on his way in, and that’s where the trouble begins. The lyrics definitely drive home the bacchanal you find in the story the song is telling.

Hook 1: “Don’t really want to intervene but did you come here with your team she says no no no.”
“Tell me to go so I could leave, if I rudely intervene she say no no no.”

Chorus: “That look like trouble in the morning. When the liquor starts to 'wuk' up and the music starts to pump up.”  Despite the storytelling elements in the song, it’s easy for the crowd to sing along to.

The Production: 
Featured on 'The Morning After Riddim', “Trouble (In The Morning)” was produced by Vincentian John Rickards, who is also known by his sobriquet, Captain John.  One major thing that stands out on this track is the production. The live brass, guitar, percussion, and horns arrangement bring a nostalgic calypso feel. Live instruments are rarely used in Soca music today. It brings a breath of fresh air to those that love the arrangement of music.
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