Party We Love | Shal Marshall | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

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Link up, link up it is that time again and we all know how we do it, 24/7. Yeah, yeah it is Party We Love and if you can't find your way to the fete then just follow Shal Marshall's lead.. party real nice!

This is all about you because this party only happens when you arrive. Simply put, you are the life of the party! Trust the creative party mind creativity of Problem Child to pen an song that captures the feeling  for all Carnival lovers. The Vincies will tell you that the vibe from the Kickstand Riddim is simply Good Up, Good Up.

It is really early but it just be that Shal has the anthem vibe dressed and rehearsed for Carnival 2019. Party We Love may just become the anthem for C2K19. Everyone is aware that Trinidadians love to party 24/7 but I feel bludgeoned by Shal with the repetitive "Party We Love" over and over again. I guess he wants to ensure that everyone is on the same page/have the same understanding that it is 'Party we Love'!

Musically you just can't go wrong with this production by Parry Jack. It is not a question of if this vibe is solid. It has been tested and proven to be a party wrecker for SVG Carnival 2018. Problem Child's "Good Up, Good Up" has tested the party scene and has received rave approval. It is only time before the Trinidad's massive feel the pinch of the 'Kickstand Riddim' vibe. We love the vibe and Shal has the touch to make this work...
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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Party We Love
Riddim Name: Kickstand Riddim
Performed by: Shal Marshall
Written by: Problem Child
Produced by: Parry Jack
Mixed & Mastered by: Parry Jack

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