Spice Mas Groovy & Soca Monarch Finals 2018 | Order of Appearance

It is 'Bacchanal Friday' in Grenada and that is music to our ears! Tonight, at the National Cricket Stadium, the Groovy and Soca Monarch competitions will take place to determine the monarchs for Carnival 2018.

"Who will it be for the Groovy Monarch"? Will the Soca Monarch see a new monarch or a repeat from last year? All questions will be answered tonight.

The finals will take place on 'Bacchanal Friday' 08/10/2018 with a scheduled start time of 8:00 pm. It will be two very interesting finals. Shondell Amada aka Dash is the reigning Groovy Soca Monarch while Jalon Olive aka Boyzie is the reigning Soca Monarch. Will their new Monarchs or will the old guard retain their titles? Tune in tonight!

The two charts below provide the official order of appearance for tonight's performances. Please note that this is a PPV (Pay Per View) event coming live from the National Stadium. If there is a radio feed we will provide the link as it becomes available.

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No live feed available - we added WeeFM to get updates as they come in. They are monitoring the stadium action and playing some really good music!

Groovy Soca Monarch
Name of Singer
  1. Mandella McDonald
  2. Sheldon Douglas
  3. Jevaughn John
  4. Kirton Roberts
  5. Damion La Pompe
  6. Micah Joseph
  7. Finber Andrews
  8. Jalon Olive 
  9. Brendon Mc Kie
  10. Laura L Richardson
  11. Dingaan Henry/Nyelon Williams
  12. Shondell Amada (Reining Monarch)
  13. Finley Jeffery
  14. Wrenroy Ogiste
  1. Mandella Linkz
  2. Sheldon Douglas
  3. Vaughn
  4. Alma Boy
  5. Pappy Boi
  6. Baracka
  7. Shortpree
  8. Boyzie
  9. Killa B
  10. Laura Lisa
  11. Natty/Thunda
  12. Dash (Reigning Monarch)
  13. Scholar
  14. Blacka Dan
(Power) Soca Monarch
Name of Singer
  1. Jerry Baptiste
  2. Shem Bernard
  3. Finber Andrews
  4. Jarvis Cuffie
  5. Keron Noel
  6. Kendel George
  7. Ezron Stafford
  8. Kelon & Kelson
  9. Sheldon Amada
  10. Elimus Gilbert
  11. Jalon Olive (Reining Monarch)
  12. Jevaughn John
  13. Damion La Pompe
  14. Dave Peters
  15. Brendon Mckie
  16. Filandi Jeffery
  17. Dingaan Henry/Nyelon Williams
  1. Papa Jerry
  2. Terra D Governor
  3. Shortpree
  4. Muddy 
  5. Lil Kerry 
  6. Ledneck
  7. Dezy X 
  8. Luni Sparks & Electrify
  9. Dash
  10. Inspector
  11. Boyzie (Reigning Monarch)
  12. Vaughn
  13. Pappi Boi
  14. Boogie B
  15. Killa B
  16. Stunna 
  17. Lil Natty & Thunda

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