Caribbean Wave by Millbeatz

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Caribbean Wave, the new music genre by Millbeatz, is part of the continual evolution of Soca bringing a vibe that is palatable to the North American market. Let's get real now, this new music was created to satisfy the North American market, with particular reference to the US, simply because they could not cope with the 'speed of Soca'.

So here we are bowing to the North American media market to create something that they can relate too... when, in fact, we should have pushed more  Groove Soca instead of the fast-paced brand of Soca that we call, Power Soca. The European market is totally different, they embrace music that is different but loves to flavor it with various beats. The melting pots (two countries in particular) are Germany and the UK. They embrace and love Soca and other music of the World.

Soca music is not dead by any means, the genre is thriving in the Caribbean, UK, Germany, Japan and to some extent in North America. In North America, some pop artistes are using Soca beats but are not telling people that the beat on the drum kit is Soca. Recently we had the case of Janet Jackson's new music release entitled 'Wait For Now'... that is Soca people! Some may say, because of Daddy Yankee's role in the song, that it is a Reggaeton which is a combination of Dancehall rhythms with Latin styles (Merengue etc) with a beat they call 'dembow'(1) that comes from Trinidad's Soca.  This comes right back to the beat that is Soca!

Now we have 'Caribbean Wave', the evolution of Soca! It will take some time to quickly and conclusively identify the new music. If I ask you to determine if a song was Soca or not you would look to the beat of the drum kit to quickly identify the Soca beat... that works. However, how does it work for "Caribbean Wave"? Is it the combination of instruments, including some East Indian instruments that make the sound? If that is the case then can you tell me how to identify the new music?

North American singers using Caribbean beats in their music still have that 'American sound' while a Caribbean singer using the same vibe has that signature Caribbean flavor/sound. Caribbean Wave may follow and receive the same reception as did Soca! If you fall in the camp that believes that Soca music cannot be defined and it is just the evolution of Caribbean music then the evolution of the music and creation of 'Caribbean Wave'will be accepted as just another stage in the journey. If however, you are from the camp that believes Lord Shorty aka Ras Shorty I did create and define the music with Vibrations Groove (2) your frustration will remain the same. In the end, the conversation and outcome may never change. Millbeatz hopes that his new brand of music will impact the International community and finally get the stamp of approval that Caribbean music producers are hoping to achieve.

For the sake of the music, for the empowerment and recognition of our producers and singers, one would hope that we can find get to the end of that beautiful rainbow. However, Caribbean artistes and producers may experience the uncomfortable truth that the closer they get to the end of the rainbow the wide divide never draws closer. We wish Millbeatz and the those with the entrepreneurial genius all the best as we muddle our way into the International music market.
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