Power Soca Monarch Finalists Grenada | Spice Mas 2018

Spice Mas came alive last night with Soca music and the hope of glorious vindication after a night of competition to simply make the cut. Now, unless you were under a rock last night then you are aware that the Soca Monarch Semi-Final round of competition took place in Grenada last night. From the thirty-two (32) contestants last night the list was shortened to sixteen to compete against the reigning monarch to be crownes Soca Monarch for Spice Mas 2018. Jalon Olive aka Boyzie is the reigning monarch from 2017 and will defend his title on August 10th. 2018.

We intentionally referenced this post as "Power Soca Monarch" instead of "Soca Monarch". It is simply called Soca Monarch in Grenada but we added the "Power" so that those who are familiar with the competition (as it is referenced in Trinidad & Tobago) for emphasis and simplicity. 

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  1. Lil Natty & Thunda
  2. Muddy
  3. Luni Sparks/Electrify
  4. Inspector
  5. Ledneck
  6. Terror D Governor
  7. Dash
  8. Pappy Boi
  9. Little Kerry
  10. Papa Jerry
  11. Dezy X
  12. Vaughn
  13. Boogie B
  14. Shortpree
  15. Stunna
  16. Killa B
Name of Singer
  1. Dingaan Henry & Nyelon Williams
  2. Jarvis Cuffie
  3. Kellon & Kelson Ogiste
  4. Elimus Gilbert
  5. Kendel George
  6. Shem Bernard
  7. Shondell Amada
  8. Damion La Pompe
  9. Keron Noel
  10. Jerry Baptiste
  11. Ezron Stafford
  12. Jevaughn John
  13. Dave Peters
  14. Finber Andrews
  15. Filandi Jeffery
  16. Brendon Mc Kie
  1. 241
  2. 237
  3. 231
  4. 222
  5. 222
  6. 218
  7. 217
  8. 213
  9. 212
  10. 211
  11. 209
  12. 207
  13. 206
  14. 203
  15. 202
  16. 201
This is the song that topped last night's performances... "Get In Your Section" sung by Lil Natty & Thunda. The Spice Isle is brewing up excellent Soca music competitions making this Summer Carnival for 2018 one to remember!

This is the YouTube video of the result as they were announced early this morning. If you were not pleased with the announcements (If your artiste did not make the cut) please use the comment feature of this posting to share your thoughts here with your peers. 

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