Oil Drum | Tony Prescott | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

We have something old and something new but considered something different that we are promoting for all upcoming carnivals in the Caribbean Basin. We are talking about carnivals in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Saint Vincent and Saint Lucia. We understand that everyone one is high on Soca at this time but especially with all the new Soca Music releases. However, back in the day Carnival was about Calypso and Steel Pan. That which was old is new again and having said that, today we bring you a cross over track that brings the mother and child together, a fusion of Calypso and Soca! This is "Oil Drum" by the very talented Tony Prescott formerly a member of the band Atlantik and now radio host at WACK Radio 90.1 Fm Trinidad. We are confident that you will love this track.

Tony Prescott, the artiste, is well known for his anthem "All Aboard"; if you are a boat ride fan then you need to request this song for the cruise. Tony P as he is fondly known, should not have to cry 'may day, may day' to state what everyone should know. Calypso music, jam session style, with the slight of the Soca beat on the drum kit is enough to mash up any fete. This song was created to bring back memories of a time when feting was pure joy when the music was ecstasy. This is a time when people went to fetes to jam hard and truly enjoy the moment.

We are so happy that Daniel Delande, Tony Prescott & Asten Isac took the time to pen a wonderful song that reminds us about a time, not so long ago, when the joy of the music 'made the party lit'!

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Music Release Notes:
There is always rhythm in the oil drum. Veterans of Soca will understand the truth behind this sentiment and as Tony Prescott unleashes a track he calls, “Oil Drum”, a powerful Soca anthem for die hard Carnival enthusiasts, he reminds the masses of this truth.

Prescott, the man who’s voice is almost synonymous with the thought of a ‘boat ride’ – all thanks to his hit single, ‘All Aboard’, is pushing hard ahead of the carnival 2018 season. “Oil Drum” is an anthem to be expressed to all and as he sees it, the rhetoric of a ‘long time carnival vibe’ can only be truly experienced if and only when the music that’s brought forward to inject such vibe, is played powerfully for all to hear. Now, release de ‘Oil Drum’.

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Oil Drum
Performed by: Anthony "Tony" Prescott
Background Vocals: Sanelle Dempster
Written by: Daniel Delande, Tony Prescott & Asten Isac
Produced & mixed by: Terrence James
Mastered by: Nikolai Greene
Artwork by: Jamol James

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The Official Music Video (YouTube Music Release July 12, 2018)


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