Trinidad & Tobago National Youth Panorama Finals | 2018

Today is the day that the youth take to the Queens Park Savannah for the National Youth Panorama competition. The competition is divided into three categories: Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Elite (Non Schools).

The competition between the schools will be fierce but everyone will be looking forward to the performances from the 'Elite' bands category. The Elite category will feature some of the well known National bands (Youth Arm). This is going to be a wonderful time and exciting experience for our future exponents of the national instrument. 

The competition is scheduled to start at 9:00 am (Eastern Caribbean Time) at the Queens Park Savanna in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. The show is free to attend!

Primary Schools Category
Name of Steel Band
  1. St. Paul's Boys Anglican
  2. Carenage Boys Government
  3. Rosary Boys RC
  4. Fifth Company Baptist
  5. Tacarigua Presbyterian
  6. Point Fortin Anglican Primary
  7. Malabar RC
  8. Bien Venue Presbyterian
  9. St. Margaret's Boys Anglican
  10. St. Mary's Government
  11. Guaico Presbyterian
  12. Couva Anglican
Name of Song
  1. Poom Poom
  2. Full Extreme 
  3. Far From Finished
  4. Buss Head
  5. Full Extreme
  6. Full of Vibe 
  7. Hulk
  8. Dis Feelin' Nice
  9. Good Morning 
  10. Free Up 
  11. Toco Band
  12. Good Morning
Secondary Schools Category
Name of Steel Band
  1. Bishop Anstey High & Trinity College E.
  2. Trinity College Moka
  3. South East Port of Spain Secondary
  4. Goodwill Secondary Tobago
  5. St. Joseph's Convent 
  6. Naparima Girls' High & Naparima College
  7. St. Francois Girls College
  8. East Mucurapo Secondary
  9. Providence Girls Catholic/Queens Royal College
Name of Song
  1. Kings & Queens
  2. Year For Love
  3. Buss Head
  4. This Melody Sweet'
  5. Free Up 
  6. Fallin'
  7. Pan Break
  8. Free Up
  9. Far From Finished
Elite Bands Category
Name of Steel Band
  1. Supernovas Youth
  2. St. Margaret's Youth Steel Orchestra
  3. Old Tech Youth Steel Orchestra
  4. Desperados Youth Steel Orchestra
  5. St. Joseph's Convent Sando/SJC Blue Steel
  6. Skiffle Steel Youth Orchestra
  7. Harmonites Junior 
  8. Laventille Road Police Youth Club
  9. West Stars Yoth/Diego Martin 
  10. Trinidad All Stars Youth
  11. Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra
  12. Starlift Junior
  13. Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra
  14. Success Stars Pan Sounds
  15. Tropical Angel Harps Youth Steel Orchestra
Name of Song
  1. Sokah
  2. Kings & Queens
  3. Sweet Fuh Days
  4. Buss Head
  5. Band From Space
  6. Good Morning
  7. Hello 
  8. Full of Vibe
  9. Hello 
  10. Inside The Festival
  11. Sokah
  12. Inside The Festival
  13. Year For Love
  14. Bonnie &Clyde
  15. Chutney Bacchanal
Breaking News!
BP Renegades wins the Elite Bands Category of the National Youth Panorama Competition that took place today at the Queens Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad!

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