Trinidad & Tobago Medium Conventional Bands Panorama Results 2018

The Medium Conventional Bands took the stage for Panorama 2018. The band to defeat was Pan Elders who scored the most points for the preliminary and semi final round of the competition. Added to their excellent early performances they came in as defending champions won (once again) playing Samuel Abraham's (Brigo) Limbo Break. Pan Elders beat out the second place band by eleven points.

Themed “Steel Crescendo... Musical Explosion and Rivalry”, the Pan Trinbago produced flagship event has been described as the “Super Bowl of Pan” featuring ten (10) Medium and ten (10 ) Large Conventional Bands. Both Pan Elders and Massy Trinidad All Stars  entered the competition as champions. The results are in and we present the results for the large bands.

Trinidad and Tobago Medium Conventional Steel Orchestras Panorama Result for Carnival 2018
Name of Band
  1. Pan Elders
  2. Petrotrin Katzenjammers
  3. Sound Specialists 
  4. NLCB Buccooneers  
  5. Siparia Deltones 
  6. Curepe Scherzando (tie)
  7. NLCB Valley Harps  (tie)
  8. Potential Symphony
  9. Sound Specialists 
  10. Arima Angel Harps 
Name of Song
  1. Limbo Break
  2. Lorraine
  3. Swing
  4. I Love Being Me
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. Buss Head
  7. Sweet Soca Man
  8. Government Boots
  9. Swing
  10. Pan in A Minor
Points Scored
  1. 285
  2. 274
  3. 272
  4. 271
  5. 268
  6. 266
  7. 266
  8. 264
  9. 263
  10. 262

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