Trinidad & Tobago Dimanche Gras 2018 | Calypso Finalists

Tonight is the night that the bards take to the stage to determine who will be crowned Calypso Monarch for Carnival 2018. The Calypsonians will also share the stage with the Kings and Queens of the parade bands. We will all be watching to see those who will emerge winners. Enjoy the show!

From the Trinidad Express Newspaper:
After a five-year hiatus, the King and Queen of Carnival competition has been reintroduced into tonight’s Dimanche Gras show scheduled for the Queen’s Park Savannah (QPS) in Port of Spain. Chutney band Dil-e-Nadan will lead a jam session while the audience awaits the judges’ results.

Artistic director of Dimanche Gras show, Dr Rudolph Ottley shared these tidbits, but declined to comment on the cost of producing the event themed “The Power and The Glory”. Dimanche Gras is expected to start at 7.30 p.m. and end by midnight.

On the big night, calypso bards will attempt to clinch the coveted Calypso Monarch crown from reigning champion Chalkdust (Dr Hollis Liverpool) and claim the $700,000 prize.

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Breaking News:
Duane O'Connor won his appeal to appear in the finals; he will sing at position number seventeen. Duane's song is entitled "No Front Page".

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Name of Song
  1. Carlos James
  2. Dexter Parsons
  3. Michael Osouna
  4. Kurt Allen
  5. Alana Sinnette-Khan
  6. Aaron St. St. Louis
  7. Sandra De Vignes
  8. Michael Legerton
  9. Hollis Liverpool
  10. Myron Bruce
  11. Karene Asche
  12. Joanne Rowley
  13. Selvon Noel
  14. Helon Francis
  15. Stacey Sobers
  16. Rondell Donawah
  17. Duane O'Connor
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  1. Skatie
  2. The Stinger
  3. Sugar Aloes
  4. Last BardJohn
  5. Lady Watchman
  6. Voice
  7. Singing Sandra
  8. Protector
  9. Chalkdust
  10. Myron B
  11. Karene
  12. Tigress
  13. Mistah Shak
  14. Helon Francis
  15. Stacey Sobers
  16. Rondell Donawah
  17. Duane O'Connor 
Name of Song
  1. Ah Cutback
  2. Shinese Tuition
  3. Finally
  4. Circle Square Science
  5. Dead Beat
  6. Year For Love
  7. Power In Song
  8. We could do better 
  9. Euology
  10. The Great Nation
  11. Song Of Inspiration
  12. Rowley To Rowley
  13. Rebellion
  14. Change
  15. Calypso Capital
  16. De Problem
  17. No Front Page
Reserve Singer
Roderick Chuck Gordon aka Chuck Gordon will sing "Campaign Truck" if one of the finalists cannot compete for the finals.

The Results:
Helon Francis is the new Calypso Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago's 2018 Carnival. Voice came in second. Last year's winner, Chalkdust, placed last.
Get the official results here:

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