Soca Kingdom Wins Trinidad & Tobago Road March 2018

Wait one minute now, just like that, the carnival is over?!?! Indeed, it is that time of the season when we say farewell to King Carnival for 2018 in Trinidad and Tobago. However, the is one last title to claim and that goes to the Soca King and the man who leads the pack with Road March wins. Machel Montano (nine wins/updated) and Super Blue (10 wins/updated) took the Road March title with their late entry entitled "Soca Kingdom".

It was a foregone conclusion on Carnival Monday that Soca Kingdom will win the Road March taking into consideration that the vast majority of bands crossing the Queen's Park Savannah stage embraced Machel's 'Soca Kingdom' that featured the great one, Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons. Iwer's "Savannah" produced by Badjohn Republic peaked for a while but the tidal wave of bands playing Soca Kingdom prevailed.

Everyone appears to be focused on the songs played at the official judging points with emphasis on the Savannah, Independence Square and Socadrome. That takes away from the official title of 'Road March'. The method to determine the winner needs to be re-accessed. After all, shouldn't the judging be done taking into consideration 'on the road plays'!

We have included a YouTube play-list with the winning song but have also added some of  the other Road Mixes done for Carnival 2018. Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival may be over but the music lives on... Enjoy sweet vibez!

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On odd thing we noticed in the Media Release is that the category for song was captioned "Calypso". It has been a while since a Calypso actually won the Road March. Soca controls the music scene for Carnival throughout the Caribbean Basin. May TUCO needs to rethink and rename the song category.

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Here are the Road-Mixes for some of the popular songs for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018.


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Unknown said…
Maybe one day, someone with a brain will move the judging of the road March to the ROAD. It has to be done at unknown points along the routes to really kill this Mafia.