Soca Carnival Bashment Mix 2018 | DJ Easy | Trinidad 2018

This is another monster mix for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival relief. This mix is going to make you seriously happy. Why? Simply put, it is the amount of music in this mix. DJ Easy did not cheat on the songs (mixing in small clips); this mix is almost two hours long!

Great music and a talented Mix-Master means that "Soca Carnival Bashment Mix 2028" will find its way to your MP3 player/Mobile phone. Enjoy the music as you travel and in the gym. Exercise and get fit for the next Caribbean style Carnival coming to your part of the World... soon!

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DjeasyPromoTV Mix-Tape Music Release Notes:
Power And Groovy Soca music the best of 2018 in a grand mix !

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Mix-Tape Title: 2018 Soca Carnival Bashment Mix
Mix-Master: DJ Easy

  1. Soca Kingdom -  Machel Montano x Superblue  
  2. Ricardo Drue x Fay Ann Lyons - Another Level 
  3. Machel Montano - Doh Play Dat
  4. Bunji Garlin - We Here For That  
  5. Alison Hinds Ft. Skinny Fabulous - Nah Ready 
  6. Voice - Perfect World
  7. Uncle Ellis - Mad House
  8. Nadia Batson & Destra Garcia - Now  
  9. Bunji Garlin - Flags 
  10. Go Ask Yuh Mudda - Bunji Garlin
  11. Shell Down Dat - Motto & Fadda Fox
  12. Iwer & Naya George - Colours 
  13. Salty x Travis World - Bend 
  14. Preedy x Travis World - Roll It Hard 
  15. Rebel - Olatunji
  16. Iwer George - Savannah 
  17. A Little Wuk - Carlyn XP
  18. Kerwin Du Bois - Touch Down 
  19. Shurwayne Winchester - Party Til We Drop 
  20. Claudette Peters - Feeling Good 
  21. Rupee - Soca Changed  My Life  
  22. Preedy - Gateway 
  23. GBM Nutron - GPS 
  24. De Ting It Start - Farmer Nappy
  25. Calypso Rose - I Am African ft. Bunji Garlin (Jillionare Remix) 
  26. Subance ft Uncle Ellis - Back Bend (Remix) 
  27. Soca Addiction - Skinny Banton
  28. Preedy x Sedale - Drop That 
  29. Lyrikal - Rude Wayz
  30. Kes - I Shall Return 
  31. Nailah Blackman ft Len Boogsie Sharpe & Mungal Patasar - Sokah
  32. Mr Fanatiq - Brave
  33. Bad Royale x Kes - Forever Isn't Promised 
  34. Get Place Mawd - Skinny Banton
  35. One Life to Live - Ebony Empress
  36. Bunji Garlin ft. Shenseea  - Big Bad Soca (Remix 
  37. O'Lawd Oye -  Nailah Blackman
  38. Pretty Girl -  5 Star Akil
  39. Activate -  Skinny Fabulous
  40. Bunji Garlin - Vintage Garlin 
  41. Cool But Deadly  - Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons & M1
  42. Lyrikal - All Or Nothing 
  43. Machel Montano – Take It Slow
  44. Voive - Year For Love
  45. Rupee - Dip Down
  46. Sweet Fuh Days - Patrice Roberts
  47. Ultimate Rejects - Vex 
  48. Carnival Party -  Starsha
  49. Showtime - Machel Montano
  50. Lit - Motto & Lyrikal
  51. Push It -  Skinny Fabulous
  52. Skinny Fabulous – Party Start 
  53. Destra Garcia - Marry This Wine 
  54. Marzville ft. Patrice Roberts - Give It To Ya (Remix)
  55. Nessa Preppy - Tingo 
  56. Rough Wine  - Machel Montano
  57. Wining School  - Preedy
  58. Hello -  Kes
  59. Aye Yo -  Sekon Sta
  60. Black Shadow x Skinny Fabulous - Right Here 
  61. Machel Montano - Mami Lo Tiene
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