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The year was 1997 when Renegades Steel Orchestra won the National Panorama competition playing 'Guitar Pan' sung by Lord Kitchener; the arranger was the late great one Jit Samaroo. Now fast forward to 2018 and your calculations are correct, it took another twenty one (21) years for Renegades to win again, this time securing title number ten with ace music arranger Duvone Stewart!.It is time to celebrate... congratulations to the Renegades organization; well deserved and long overdue!

Panorama is one of the most anticipated events to take place for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Every year the Saturday before King Carnival takes to the streets 'Pan is Boss'! This year lived up to expectations especially the music from the Large Band Category. Massy Trinidad All Stars came in as the defending champions but with a daunting task to ensure that the preliminary and semi final round leader, Renegades, did not wrest the title from them.

It turned out to be classic 'pan in yuh pwefen'! The performances were fantastic but in the end there was one champion! BP Renegades took first place playing a song by Aaron St. Louis  entitled "Year For Love". Congratulations to the band and to the music genius arranger Duvone Stewart!

Themed “Steel Crescendo... Musical Explosion and Rivalry”, the Pan Trinbago produced flagship event has been described as the “Super Bowl of Pan” featuring ten (10) Medium and ten (10 ) Large Conventional Bands. Both Pan Elders and Massy Trinidad All Stars  entered the competition as champions. The results are in; here are the results for the large conventional bands.

Trinidad and Tobago Large Conventional Steel Orchestras Panorama Result for Carnival 2018
Name of Band
  1. BP Renegades
  2. CA Skiffle 
  3. Desperadoes   
  4. Shell Invaders 
  5. Nutrien Silver Stars (tie)
  6. Trinidad All Stars (tie)
  7. Phase II Pan Groove  
  8. Supernovas
  9. Exodus 
  10. MHTL Starlift 
Name of Song
  1. Year For Love
  2. Hello
  3. Year For Love
  4. Inside The Festival
  5. Lightening Flash
  6. Lightening Flash
  7. Hello
  8. Sweet Fuh Days
  9. Sweet Fuh Days
  10. Full Of Vibes
Points Scored
  1. 287
  2. 280
  3. 279
  4. 278
  5. 277
  6. 277
  7. 276
  8. 275
  9. 273
  10. 270
The finals performances for the top three large conventional bands. The player also included the finals performance for the small conventional bands - Golden Hands playing 'Trouble' arranged by Vanessa A. Headley.

The YouTube video music player has all ten performances for the large conventional bands. We have arranged the videos to indicate the official results for the competition. 

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