National Stick Fighting Finals | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Tonight is the night that a new or returning champion will be crowned 'stick fighting champion' for Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2018... it is time for Bois! Indeed it is the 'Clash of the Boi Men' and Batonnaires will to draw 'first blood' to win the event! The fight will be accompanies by drumming and singing adding to the excitement of the night... the dance of the stick fighter is entitled "Carray"!

The gayelle will be the focus of attention as this form of Martial Arts known as Kalinda will be the focus for the fighters (Batonnaires), Chantwells (singers/call and response lavway) and drummers (creating the hype and setting the stage for the unfolding drama). Here are a few names to take note of as they enter the gayelle to claim their moment of fame:
  • Ronald Lewis
  • Donald Lewis
  • Selwyn John
  • O’Neil Odel
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Here is an excerpt from the NCC announcement for tonights competition:
A National Stick Fighting Competition will be held on Wednesday, February 7 at the Clifton Hill Beach Resort, Volunteer Road, Point Fortin, starting at 7 pm. The National Carnival Commission (NCC) made the announcement on Thursday, stating that the decision was made after a series of talks between themselves, the Stick Fighting Association and various independent Stick Fighting groups around the country.

Point Fortin is known to have a large stick fighting community, which made the decision to host the competition there an easy one. 

New to the 2018 installment will be prizes and trophies for the first, second, and third places in the Group competition, as well as first and second place prizes and trophies for the “King of the Rock” competition.

In commenting on the announcement, NCC Executive Chairman, Colin Lucas expressed his gratitude that an amicable way forward had been reached; one where all interest groups were able to arrive at a solution that would keep the competition alive in 2018. Read the full article at the link below:

King of the Rock National Stick Fighting Champion for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018

Ralph Moses King of the Rock of the Gayelle

Gayelle Results/Champion Gayelle
  1. Princes Town Gayelle
  2. St. Mary's B
King of the Rock Results/Champion
  1. Ralph Moses aka 'Spartan Warrior'
Here is a sample of some of the Finals Fights!

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