Kaisocarama | Trinidad and Tobago 2018

The name of the show has been changed from Kaisorama to Kaisocarama to now include the Trinidad and Tobago national Soca Monarch (Not the International Soca Monarch Show). This show is all about Extempo and Soca! 

The finals tonight will feature eight artistes  for Extempo and eight artists for the TUCO Soca Monarch Competition. The winner of the Soca Monarch competition will be determined by the audience. The artiste receiving the longest and loudest applause/crowd appreciation will be adjudged the winner. Dosimeters (to measure 'noise') will be placed in the venue to measure crowd response/determine the winner!

Seven finalists have been chosen to come up against twelve time Extempo Champion Winston 'Gypsy' Peters to be crowned Extempo Champion for Carnival 2018.

The contenders will have to use their wit to get the better of Mr. Peters who has come up against the best, over the years, and managed to prevail to their dismay. This could be another one of those years when everyone else will be contending for second place!

Last Minute Cancellation of Tuco Soca Monarch Competition
It is sad but the newly created TUCO Soca Monarch Competition was canceled due to a lack of sponsorship. Things are not improving for Culture in Trinidad and Tobago. Maybe next year will see an improvement. 

The following finalists will face reigning monarch Winston “Gypsy” Peters:
  • Lady Syntax
  • Brian London
  • Myron B
  • Dion Diaz
  • Black Sage
  • Short Pants
  • Nyol Manswell

Breaking News... and the Winner is:

Myron B accomplished something that many Extempo artistes have failed to do for many years. Tonight at the Extempo Competition for Carnival 2018 Myron achieved the upset that was celebrated by his adoring fans when he defeated twelve time Extempo King Winston 'Gypsy' Peters to be crowned Extempo Champion for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018! Well done and congratulations to Myron from Sokah2Soca...
  1. Myron B
  2. Winston 'Gypsy' Peters

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