International Soca Monarch 2018 | Fantastic Friday Trinidad

Who will dethrone Voice? That is the question being asked for tonights International Soca Monarch Competition scheduled to take place at the Queens Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain in Trinidad. 

Do you think that Marzville out of Barbados has the 'ammunition' to do it? Then again, 'Voice' can't be too confident with the excellent talent that is Blaxx with his very infectious song entitled "Hulk". So let's put it in local terms, everyone has 'a horse in de race' but in the end what happens on the stage will determine the winner. The artiste's stage presence/performance, singing style and diction will determine the champion tonight.

Let's emphasize one thing... we expect the winner to sing well to take the title. Regardless of how popular an artiste is if he shouts on stage and does not control his 'singing style' we don't expect the artiste to place well. Keep that in mind when you watch the show tonight and don't be disappointed if your artiste shouts and does not place well! Good luck to all the artistes tonight. 

Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Preforming Arts has announced the ten (10) finalists competing for the Play Whe International Soca Monarch title on Friday 9th February also known as Fanastic Friday.

Live Radio Feed from Vibe CT 105 FM Trinidad/Scheduled start time 10:00 PM Eastern Caribbean Time/The Show has started!

Here are the 12 finalists/Order of Appearance for Tonights Show:
Stage Name/Sobriquet
  1. Sherwin Jeremiah a.k.a. M1
  2. Aaron Duncan
  3. Darryl Henry a.k.a. Farmer Nappy
  4. Jadel Legere a.k.a. Jadel
  5. Trevon Turner a.k.a. Turner
  6. Asten Isaac, Yankee Boy, Rikki Jai
  7. Jerome Precilla a.k.a. Rome
  8. Orlando Octave
  9. Dexter Stewart a.k.a. Blaxx
  10. Ambrose Dwayne Joseph a.k.a. Ambi
  11. Aaron St. Louis a.k.a. Voice
  12. Omar Marzville McQuilkin a.k.a. Marzville
  1. Ups and Downs
  2. Better Days
  3. Wifey
  4. Round and Round
  5. Champions
  6. Blue Soap
  7. D Key
  8. Love You So
  9. Hulk
  10. Sock It Already
  11. Year For Love
  12. Give It To Ya
The prize structure is as follows:
● 1st Prize $300,000
● 2nd Prize $200,000
● 3rd Prize $150,000

Soca Monarch 2018 is almost here! The finalist were selected and now here they are in the mix. Predictions anyone? Whose gonna be the next ISM Champion?

Results Update 
Voice made it three in a row... the results:
  1. Aaron St. Louis a.k.a. Voice
  2. Dexter Stewart a.k.a. Blaxx
  3. Orlando Octave 
  4. Trevon Turner a.k.a. Turner


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Anonymous said…
Congtats voice well deserved for that tune