In Post-Carnival Trinidad, the Party Never Really Ends | New York Times

Trinidad and Tobago has found a place on the front page of the New York Times (Online Edition). We have the starter edition with the link to the article below. The picture we posted above is not part of the NY Times article. This is a character from Peter Minshall's 2018 presentation, "The Eyes Of The God".

New York Times Article (click on the link below to go to the NY Times to read the entire article):

Now that the feathers and the sparkles and the high-octane soca music have left the streets of the Trinidadian capital of Port of Spain for another year, what’s left is what is referred to as the feeling of “tabanca.” It’s a post-Carnival malaise that some say is only cured by more bacchanal.

Port of Spain may be best known for its exuberant annual Mardi Gras that ended Feb. 13, but even when the Trinidadian capital’s streets are not flooded with costumed revelers, it remains home to a vibrant arts scene.

Behind an unassuming middle-class house in the quiet midtown neighborhood of Woodbrook, lies a multifaceted arts center named Alice Yard. The “Yard,” as it is called by locals, is an important hub of contemporary art activity in the city.

Soon after walking through its always-open gate on a sunny morning last spring, I met a Scottish artist in residence, Joanna Helfer; a group of people filming boiling sugar as a comment on Trinidad’s colonial past; and others talking and laughing nearby. I complimented one of the women on her jewelry and she immediately showed me an Instagram account for the designer and told me about a range of local pop-up craft fairs where I might find a piece of my own.

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