Helon Francis Wins T'dad & Tobago Calypso Monarch 2018

Helon Francis was crowned Calypso Monarch for Trinidad and Tobago's 2018 Carnival early Monday morning before the official start of J'Ouvert. We selected Helon as winner as he delivered his excellent performance of a song entitled "Change". In second place was Aaron "Voice" St. Louis with his very popular song entitled "Year For Love". Sokah2Soca extends congratulations to all the singers!

Sixteen artistes (Calypsonians) contended for the Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch title 2018 at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain tonight. It was a good night for Calypso lovers and for everyone who loves Trinidad and Tobago's carnival culture. Why? Simply put, WACK TV/Aspire TV brought the show live and free to the World in HD. Apart from that the singers came on and delivered their renditions to the delight of those in attendance and for those 'bush judges' in 'chat boxes' watching and engaging in conversation during the show. 

There was old school style, modern style and styles that made people wonder if they had a chance competing against a system that sways to the 'old school calypso'. How does one award point for a political style song, a song that deals with the state of the society or just a fun loving jumpy song?

It has been said that Carnival is bacchanal and then we had some of that for the Calypso finals. Duane O'Connor took TUCO to court regarding a score sheet discrepancy; he won the appeal and was allowed to sing at position number seventeen. 

The puzzling conundrum of judging Calypso styles was eventually unraveled by the judges and after all was said and done a winner was announced!
Name of Song
  1. Helon Francis
  2. Aaron St. Louis aka Voice
  3. Rondell Donawah 
  4. Michael Legerton aka Protector
  5. Joanne Rowley aka Tigress
  6. Myron Bruce aka Myron B
  7. Duane O'Connor 
  8. Karene Asche
  9. Dexter Parsons aka The Stinger
  10. Kurt Allen aka Last BardJohn
  11. Alana Sinette-Khan
  12. Selvon Noel aka Mistah Shak
  13. Stacey Sobers
  14. Sandra De Vignes
  15. Michael Osouna aka Sugar Aloes
  16. Carlos James aka Skatie
  17. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust
Name of Song
  1. Change
  2. Year For Love
  3. De Problem
  4. We Could do Better
  5. Rowley to Rowley
  6. The Great Nation
  7. No Front Page
  8. Song of Inspiration
  9. Chinese Tuition
  10. Circle Square Science
  11. Dead Beat
  12. Rebellion
  13. Calypso Capital
  14. Power in Song
  15. Finally
  16. Ah Cutback
  17. Eulogy
Points Scored
  1. 442
  2. 433
  3. 427
  4. 421
  5. 419
  6. 419
  7. 415
  8. 413
  9. 413
  10. 408
  11. 404
  12. 400
  13. 399
  14. 397
  15. 389
  16. 387
  17. 385

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