Chutney Brass 2018 | Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Last night Chutney Soca fans were treated to a wonderful show at Guaracara Park in Point-a-Pierre, Trinidad. This show was entitled the 'Bring Your Cooler Edition'.

If you intend to watch this show in its entirety then get your drinks and set aside six and half hours if you plan to watch continuously to the end.

Thanks to 103 FM for the Youtube video links for the performances attached to this music player. The last video in the listing is the entire show but it can only be viewed on YouTube. You will be guided to YouTube to watch the show in its entirety.

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Entertainment by:
Raymond Ramnarine and Dil-e Nadan, Ravi B & Karma, Neeshard, Gregory & Nisha B, KI and The Band With Neval, Gayatones, Rikki Jai and the Jaimasterz, Anil Bheem and BMRZ, Sally Sagram and Xtreme, Neval with D Rampersad Indie Art and much more along with DJs Big Daddy Sounds, DJ Ana, DJ Greg and Big Rich will be performing between the live acts.

Chutney Brass Performances | Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2018

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