Panorama Semi-Finals Trinidad & Tobago 2018 | Medium & Large Conventional Bands

The Queen's Park Savannah comes alive with the sound of the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago... the Steel-Pan! On Sunday January 28th., 2018 the large bands will compete for a place in the finals. Ten bands from each category will move on to the finals!

This is one of the best aspects of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. We will post an audio feed to compliment this post... enjoy sweet steel pan music as the bands deliver awesome performances from some of the World's best steel pan music arrangers.

One interesting fact about tomorrows semi-final round of competition... every band in the medium bands competition will be playing a different song unlike the large band category where some of the bands are playing the same song. This is going to be a day to remember... be there or tune in to Sokah2Soca!

Here is the listing for the bands taking part in  the Large Bands Category:
Name of Steel-Band
  1. Fonclaire
  2. Trinidad All Stars
  3. Redemption Sound S.
  4. Skiffle
  5. Phase II Pan Groove
  6. Invaders
  7. Starlift
  8. La Brea Nightingales
  9. Silver Stars
  10. Renegades
  11. Desperados
  12. Exodus
  13. Tropical Angel Harps
  14. Supernovas
Name of Song
  1. Inside The Festival
  2. Lightning Flash
  3. Long Time
  4. Hello 
  5. Hello
  6. Inside The Festival
  7. Full of Vibe
  8. Inside The Festival
  9. Lightning Flash
  10. Year For Love
  11. Year For Love 
  12. Sweet Fuh Days
  13. Sweet Fuh Days
  14. Sweet Fuh Days
Song Arranged By
  1. Leon 'Foster' Thomas
  2. Leon  'Smooth' Edwards
  3. Micheal Toby 
  4. Brooks,Williams, Franklin
  5. Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe
  6. Arddin Herbert
  7. Robert Greenidge
  8. Richard Gittens
  9. Liam Teague
  10. Duvone Stewart
  11. Carlton 'Zanda' Alexander
  12. Goddard & Marcelle
  13. Clarence Morris
  14. Amrit Samaroo
Here is a  play-list for the songs that will be played by the large bands for the semi-final round of competition. 

If you want more information regarding Sunday's semi-final competitions then please go to PanTrinibago's official page. 

Here is the listing for the bands taking part in  the Medium Bands Category:
Name of Steel Band
  1. Katzenjammers
  2. Cordettes
  3. Potential Symphony
  4. Arima Angel Harps
  5. Pan Elders 
  6. Couva Joylanders
  7. Pamberi
  8. Power Stars
  9. Siparia Deltones
  10. Dixieland
  11. Sound Specialists
  12. Bucconeers
  13. Valley Harps
  14. Curepe Scherzando
Name of Song
  1. Lorraine
  2. Meet Super Blue
  3. Government Boots
  4. Pan in A'' Minor
  5. Limbo Break
  6. Nah Do Dat
  7. Fiery
  8. Stranger
  9. Leave Me Alone
  10. Big Girl Now
  11. Swing
  12. I Love Being Me
  13. Sweet Soca Man
  14. Buss Head
Song Arranged by
  1. Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle
  2. Ken Philmore
  3. Akua Leith
  4. Aviel Scanterbuy
  5. Duvone Stewart 
  6. Stefon West
  7. André White
  8. Aaron Clarke
  9. Carlton Alexander
  10. Kenneth Clarke
  11. Akiba Joseph
  12. Seion Gomez
  13. Michelle Huggins
  14. Yohan Popwell
Here is a  play-list for the songs that will be played by the Medium bands for the semi-final round of competition. 

Here is the link to PanTrinibago official Panorama page:

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