Get Permission to Wine | Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2018

If you plan on "thiefin' ah wine" (gyrating on another person without permission) then we have some news for you... don't do it! Hold on now, there a caveat... get permission to wine (on somebody)! Any winin' has to be done with the consent of the person you plan to do the winin' with! "I was drunk" will not save you!
So if you plan to 'thief ah wine' please be aware that the consequences of your actions (winin' without permission) could get you arrested! Consider yourself lucky if you get beat up by the aggrieved person's partner; keep in mind that jail is no fun...
Did you ask why this is the case for Carnival 2018 in Trinidad and Tobago? After all, weren't you always able to 'thief ah wine' and get away with it? It has to do, in part, with the #metoo movement in the US!

If you think that American politics or societal changes in the United States of America doesn't impact the Caribbean region then you have not been in touch with the homeland. It is quite obvious that the #meetoo backlash has arrived on the shores of Trinidad and Tobago. Law officials have moved to make changes about the way men behave and misbehave for Carnival regarding the carnival phenomenon of "thiefin' ah wine". Now men (we think women too) need to get permission to wine! If you choose to ignore the warning the consequences could be severe.

Many Soca Songs have encouraged 'wining on somebody' for many years now (see music players below). This new warning from the authorities is a game changer and will force song writers to change their writing style for Trinidad and Tobago. Let's see if this action, by the police in Trinidad and Tobago, takes hold in the rest of the Caribbean Carnival territories... this is a game changer!

Here is a clip from an article in the Trinidad Guardian news paper. All rights to the following segment belong to the Trinidad Guardian newspaper.

With the Carnival season now in full swing, police are warning people who plan to gyrate on others that they can be arrested for assault if the person they want to “thief a wine on” decides to engage the police.

Speaking at the weekly media briefing yesterday, public information officer of the Police Service ASP Michael Jackman said it is an assault to touch someone without their consent.

“Any physical touching where there is no consent with one of the parties involved is in fact unlawful and can be deemed an assault,” Jackman said when asked about unsolicited gyrating.
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