YouTube Press To Play Button Gone From Facebook Posts

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It looks like we have an issue with YouTube videos posted to Facebook. If you are a fan of consuming YouTube content on Facebook you are in for a surprise! The play button is non-existent but you can still see/listen to the video on, you guessed right, YouTube. Clicking on the video description takes you to YouTube to view the video.

Soca music fans will have to go directly to YouTube and search for those 2018 songs where you can listen to them (or come to this site; we don't have that problem here).

We, at Sokah2Soca, created a YouTube Portal to post videos and write short posts to keep our fans up to date with the new music releases. Using our Blog to do the same thing was not working out. We use the blog to get into discussions about songs but we simply wanted to list the songs with a brief description... Facebook was awesome 'for a while'. Now our Facebook Fan Page is not that appealing. Just imagine having to go back and forth to get the new music then get transferred to YouTube to listen to the new music. 

This problem does not exist on our Blog (Sokah2Soca @ We will have to come up with a plan to get the new music out via our Blog. We want you to see the new music and play them where you find them. We don't want you to be going back and forth. Something has to give...

So get ready for a not so fabulous winter of new Soca songs that cannot be played via Soca Music Fan Pages on Facebook. There is something brewing here and we are 'out of the loop'. Here on Soca2Soca we will find ways to feature most of the new music releases until Facebook/YouTube can come to some kind of compromise that would benefit users of both platforms. In the interim bookmark our webpage and keep checking for updates. Our Facebook fan page is located here:

Problem has been resolved! Now you can enjoy watching YouTube videos on Facebook as it used to be... Nice!

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