Glorified Gangsta | Carlton Louison ft. Natalie Yorke | Trinidad 2018

Community leader or 'Gangsta'? Everyone has an opinion right, wrong or indifferent we all come to a conclusion regarding this aspect of societal life in Trinidad and Tobago. Today we feature a young artiste who has an opinion for you to contend with... we will find out if you agree with him of care enough to become involved in the conversation. 

We, at Sokah2Soca, applaud young artistes who put out lyrical content that tackle topics of interest and not lean towards wine and grind or drinking alcoholic beverages to sell their art. This song, entitled "Glorified Gangsta", challenges you to form an opinion and to take another look at a name label considered by many as societal pariahs.  

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About the Artiste:
Carlton originally sang with the group Visions of Glory who sang extensively in Trinidad & Tobago. He also worked with Sterlin Gittens in the group Youth Pulse for two years.

Singing Sesame Street songs with his sister Hermese-Ann was one of his favorite childhood memories. His first stint at real singing was with an acapella group called Visions of Glory which his aunt Hazel formed. He grew up loving R & B, soul and gospel music greats like Mahalia Jackson, Uretha Franklin, Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder.

Carlton has ventured into the calypso world and has captured the AMCHAM calypso monarch title in 2012 and has been in winners row in some regional competitions. In 2013 he placed 2nd in TSTT’s Annual Calypso Competition.

2014 has been Carlton's most successful yet, becoming a finalist in the prestigious Young King's Calypso Competition and placing third in the Arima Monarch Competition. His five year plan is to become the National Calypso Monarch of T & T. TSTT's Calypso monarch was his in 2016 and he has just released Glorifed Gangsta on the radio stations in Trinidad & Tobago.

Why Glorified Gangsta?
Glorified Gangsta was written because in Trinidad we have adopted the practice of calling gang leaders, community leaders. This happened since a past Prime Minister met with some gang leaders in an effort to reduce gang violence in several crime hot spots in Trinidad. Now, these gang leaders have become self-proclaimed community leaders. Glorified Gangsta is a satire, where the singer himself is initially bold then a bit repentant while trying to advise parents not to allow their children to follow his path.

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Glorified Gangsta
Performed by: Carlton Louison feat. Natalie Yorke
Produced & Mixed by: Calliston Pantor
Mastered by:
Background vocals by: Natalie Yorke

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